Moon Astrology


With Moon in Virgo, you lead a quiet, unpretentious life. You are strong in intellect, and have a very good memory. You should pursue a career of a cerebral nature. You could be quite successful in such a vocation.

Occupations dealing with health and healing are also ideally suited for you. Your will is good, and should not get you into any kind of trouble.

You make an excellent employee because of your honest and amiable nature. You also make a very fair and just employer. You will excel in the service of a company or corporation. You enjoy social interactions. You are prone to having lots of friends, and taking many trips.

You like to investigate into others problems, and your intellect is very beneficial to you in this area. You are attracted to the study of both science and the occult. You are extremely sensitive to others, and this may be an indication of psychic abilities.

Males with Moon in Virgo:

Such persons have good intellectual power, good memory, trustworthy, easy going, irresolute sex, of analytical mind and take many short journeys. Helpful to others, practical outlook of life. Changes in profession, secret sorrows through marriage. Such persons are fastidious, over discriminating, self-controlled.

Females with Moon in Virgo:

Such ladies are beautiful and have a well-proportioned body and flashing eyes. Happy by nature but critical. Keep their homes fashionably. Sweet and persuasive in speech. Good orators, fond of music and dance. Hate vulgarity. Hard workers but get tired early. Confident in their views, but also offended easily. Quiet, attracted to opposite sex, and particularly to married men. Psychic and feel physical troubles.

Afflicted Moon in Virgo:

When Moon is afflicted, bickerings become a mania, irritation and nervous overstrain. Troubles and seperation in love and domestic life.

Famous Women with Virgoan Moon:

Kirstie Alley, Princess Anne, Nadia Boulanger, Eva Braun, Queen Elizabeth I, Jodie Foster, Anne Heche, Anjelica Huston, Queen Juliana, Shirley MacLaine, Madonna, Mary Pickford, Vanessa Redgrave, Sharon Tate, and Gloria Vanderbilt

Famous Men with Virgoan Moon:

Alexander Bell, Dalai-Lama, Sammy Davis Jr., Donavon, Robert Duvall, William Faulkner, Peter Fonda, Paul Gauguin, Dustin Hoffman, Peter Jennings, Robert Kastenmeier, John F. Kennedy, Joseph Kennedy, Robert McNamara, Jack Nicholson, Sir Laurence Olivier, Leo Tolstoy, Jonathon Winters, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Frank Zappa.

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