Moon Astrology


With the Moon in Scorpio, you may feel as though no one understands you. You are a fighter by nature, and are hot tempered. You stand alone in your battles. You fight with assurance and confidence in yourself.

You are full of energy, and express yourself rather bluntly.

You are actually quite conservative, and resist change, especially if other people force it upon you. When you do change your mind on an idea, you stand fully behind it, and help implement the change.You are inclined to act out of irritation or anger. You like to get revenge.

You have strong will power and determination, but also a strong love for pleasure. You are quite familiar with the subject of pleasure. You have a strong attraction to the opposite sex. This will cause you great trouble throughout your lifetime. The Moon in this Sign is also related to death. Your occupation is probably related to death like a policeman, fireman, soldier, etc.

Males with Moon in Scorpio:

Firm, determined, self-reliant and conservative. They can withstand the battle of life alone with courage, energy and hard work. Averse to change, difficult to influence, and obstinate. They will become very revolutionary and changeable.

Sometimes they are irritable, angry and revengeful. Have many children. Not favorable for mother and her side of family. Position of Moon does not favour morality and may induce drinking , often cause coarseness in speech and threaten some scandal to the native. Love of occult science. Fond of pleasure, comforts and desires, cannot tolerate any restriction or opposition. Danger through voyages.

Females with Moon in Scorpio:

Scorpion Moon sign of ladies indicate plumpness and weight, dark or fair complexion, superfluous hair on body. Body is well-proportioned. Such ladies are arrogant, proud, jealous and vindictive. Of loose and bad morals, excess drinking and other vices. Strong constitution and robust health. Shrewd, passionate, revengeful, can do anything and commit crimes connected with revenge. Fond of spices and hot food. Cold blooded and heartless. Unsympathetic. They have many secret friends and associates, may gain wealth through questionable means.Throat affliction and diseases of generative system are indicated.

Afflicted Moon in Scorpio:

When Moon is afflicted, one has disharmony in married life and difficulties with opposite sex. Makes a person passionate, sensuous partial and vindictive.

Famous Men with Moon in Scorpio:

Ben Affleck, Bjork, Eminem, Harry Hamlin ,David Schwimmer, Steven Spielberg, Patrick Stewart.

Famous Women with Moon in Scorpio:

Lauren Bessette,Whoopi Goldberg, Elizabeth Hurley, Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morissette,

Scorpio Moon- Positive Traits
Scorpio Moon - Negative Traits
Strong memory
Slow to forgive others