Moon Astrology


Moon in Taurus makes one very conservative and is not impulsive.You tend to fear anything outside the norm. You are deeply moved by anything that is beautiful. You will try to reach the pinnacle of life conservatively, through hard work.

Your occupation may also have an aura of mystery around it. You are generally sociable, and quite sensual. Your social life suits your needs, but sometimes you tend to be a little too materialistic in your relationships. You have a good speaking or singing voice, and have a natural attraction to the performing arts. You enjoy making new friends, and like joining social circles.

Males with Moon in Taurus:

Males who have Moon in the sign of Taurus are quiet and impulsive, fond of friendship, love and marriage. Determined, ambitious, conventional, gain from father's business or inheritance. They generally have more sisters then brothers. One is sensuous and materialistic but social and of good disposition. Such natives are cheerful, kind hearted, helped through opposite sex, of good judgement, resourceful and encounter unexpected difficulties. They have great liking for music and singing.

Females with Moon in Taurus:

Females with Moon in Taurus are good looking with round face and beautiful well-proportioned body. Lustrous and beautiful eyes. Passive yet positive in thoughts and actions. Respectful to elders, fond of fine arts, stubborn, fond of good dishes, lazy and have love of luxury. Pleasure loving, fond of society, especially of opposite sex. Will marry and be well-looked after by her husband. Good housewife, educated and fond of travel. Loves good dresses and perfumes. Likes to be dominated by her husband.

Afflicted Moon in Taurus:

When Moon in Taurus is found afflicted, the native is passionate, prone to exaggerate and deaf to reasons and logic. Unfortunate through friends, love and sensitiveness.

Famous taurusan Moon Women:

Ann-Margaret, Lisa Bonet, Carol Burnett, Rosalynn Carter, Frances Farmer, Imelda Marcos, Meryl Streep, Mother Teresa, Sigourney Weaver and Natalie Wood.

Famous taurusan Moon Men:

Prince Charles, King Chulalonghorn, Bill Clinton, Michael J. Fox, Carl Jung, Jerry Lewis, Bob Mackie, Karl Marx, Jim Morrison, Vincent Price, Ronald Reagan, William Shatner and Mike Wallace.

Taurus Moon- Positive Traits
Taurus Moon - Negative Traits
Inner strength
Slow to respond