The Sun and Moon are the main two entities in astrological analysis. These two also called the luminaries that play a vital role in astrological science. By combining these two a different personality appears. Their position in our natal chart has to do a lot with our personalities and our actions here one earth. Moon rules your emotional part and your habits.

It relates to your underlying personality, your hidden person. Moon plays a subtle part in our lives. Moon's position in the zodiac sky shows how you react to the world outside with your nature that has grown with time and experience.

Taurus and their Moons

Sun on the other hand defines an individual, who you are, your core nature. People born under the same sun sign often share many common observable traits. But their natures begin to deviate when the Moon sign is taken into consideration.

This section provides a small reading for the Taurus sun signs and the 12 possible Moon combinations.

A Taurus with an Aries Moon

Moon is a strong and determined individual. The Taurus Sun gives the strength of a bull and the Aries Moon would contribute to the determined nature.

A Taurus with a Taurus Moon

creates a determined individual with purpose. This person would be a very strong personality with a purpose in hand.

A Taurus with a Gemini Moon

gives someone a social and pleasant personality. He or she would be more pleasing to those around them.

A Taurus with a Cancer Moon

makes someone who is very confusing to others, they are emotional and sensitive but also stubborn and refuses to be pushed around.

A Taurus with a Leo Moon

produces a strong determined will, well defined opinions, and a very forthright, honest, and fearless personality.

A Taurus with a Virgo Moon

has great charm, poise, balance and a good deal of common sense that can sweep anyone off the ground.

A Taurus with a Libra Moon

creates one of the most likable personalities in the zodiac, they are artistic and charming. They are wonderful people on earth.

A Taurus with a Scorpio Moon

creates someone with a lot of emotional intensity. Beware as this person might mar relationships.

A Taurus with a Sagittarius Moon

is someone who likes to have a good time, is enjoyable, and has a great sense of humour.

A Taurus with a Capricorn Moon

is someone who is gentle and easygoing, unless some way provoked. Then there would be no turning back for this individual.

A Taurus with an Aquarius Moon

is a friendly individual who can deal with people well but will always have a somewhat distant vibe. A detached yet attached personality to be precise!!

A Taurus with a Pisces Moon

creates someone who is very imaginative and creative but leads a very private life. They live in their own dreamy worlds.