Moon Astrology


Those individuals who have Moon in the sign of Gemini like to exercise both their body and mind. Their time is divided between studying and socializing. They may live in more than one place, or change the residence often.

They are prone to frequent changes or transfers. They are attracted to the literary and scientific. Moon in Gemini makes one an intellect and usually makes them a writer, teacher, journalist or scientist.

You may be ambidextrous, able to do two things at once. You may not always be honest, especially in your dealing with others. You are so good at it, often people may never know you have deceived them.

Males with Moon in Gemini:

Agreeable, warm hearted, sympathetic, liberal mind, and of ingenious nature. Busy and have varied life. Reserved in personal and domestic matters. Changes emotions, dual nature, restless, seeking truth, lover of books and studies. One is of active mind, changes his residence, undertakes short journeys and is quite social. Lack of straightforwardness, one may have stepmother, brother or sister.

Females with Moon in Gemini:

Attractive, keen and intelligent face, beautiful and well-shaped body. Tendency to do many things at a time. Quick grasping power, talkative, romantic but warm or affectionate. Helpful to their husbands. A good organiser but not a good housewife. Fond of reading and arts. Should avoid intoxicating drugs, liquors and medicines which will affect adversely.

Afflicted Moon in Gemini:

When Moon is afflicted, it produces restlessness, confused mind, doubts and reverse results.

Famous Geminian Moon Women:

Roseanne, Bette Davis, Mitzi Gaynor, Darryl Hannah, Goldie Hawn, Muriel Hemingway, Ann Jillian, Madeline Kahn, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Savitch, Patricia Schroeder, Brooke Shields, Grace Slick, Queen Victoria, Barbara Walters, and Shelley Winters.

Famous Geminian Moon Men:

Jason Alexander, Victor Borge, John Cage, Jim Carrey, Jackie Chan, Howard Cosell, Roger Daltry, Kirk Douglas, Sigmund Freud, John Goodman, Gene Hackman, Phil Hartman, Danny Kaye, Groucho Marx, Van Morrison, Leonard Nimoy, Omar Sharif.

Gemini Moon- Positive Traits
Gemini Moon - Negative Traits
Inner strength
Slow to respond