Moon Astrology


With Sagittarius havng Moon in your natal chart you absolutely love the great outdoors. You love the feeling of freedom that it gives you. People see you as a person who is active, fond of travel and sports, and quite jovial.

However, when you are not outside you may appear to be restless, both physically and mentally. You tend to act first, and think later.

You say whatever is on your mind, simply and bluntly. You are not suited for diplomatic relations. As far as your occupation is concerned, you may be apt to changing it, or have more than one vocation. Overall you are good-natured, kind, and honest. You are very perceptive of others emotions.

You may have a short temper, but you are quick to forgive, and you never hold a grudge. You are a good teacher because of your perspective on life. You can see the possible outcome of events long before they occur. Your intuition is strong, and often your dreams come true. This might indicate a psychic influence. You can't stay in one place for too long.

Males with Moon in Sagittarius:

Argumentative, practical, determined, firm and self-confident. Have drive, gain and success. Fond of pleasures and fulfilment of desires. Energetic, courageous and positive. Forceful, independent and aggressive. Continued desire for knowledge, very sincere but secretive. Good vitality, leadership, fond of journeys, and sports.

Strong love nature and fond of pets. Religious belief.Inclination for mysticism, psychism and the occult. A good natural teacher or preacher, clairvoyance, tendency to dreams and somnabulism. Two or changeable occupations.

Females with Moon in Sagittarius:

Such girls have large forehead, muscular body, tall and well-proportioned body, bright eyes, charming appearance and graceful look.They are religious, joyous, generous and lovable.Helpful to others , ambitious, helpful friends, healthy, do not have grudges, are generous and forgive those who hurt them. Fortunate and successful. Cooperative and hard workers. These women love life and get the most out of it. Artistic in their home and happy in life.

Afflicted Moon in Sagittarius:

If Moon is afflicted, one is self-indulgent, unsteady, changeable and reverse results of the above.

Famous women with Sagittarius Moon:

Anne Archer, Anne Bancroft, Geraldine Chaplin, Barbara Hershey, LInda Hunt, Glenda Jackson, Nicole Kidman,Sylvia Porter, Joan Rivers, Beverly Sills, Martha Stewart, Sally Struthers, Margaret Trudeau, Oprah Winfrey.

Famous men with Sagittarius Moon:

Steve Allen, Neil Armstrong, Alec Baldwin, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Ray Bradbury, Giovanni Casanova, Harry Chapin, Gary Cooper, Charles Dickens, Albert Einstein, Gerald Ford, Richard Gere, Magic Johnson, Stephen King, Henri Matisse, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Carl Sagan, Vincent Van Gogh.

Sagittarius Moon- Positive Traits
Sagittarius Moon - Negative Traits