The Qualities of Shatabhishak

The Qualities of shatabhishak :Shatabhishak literally means "hundred healers". It bestows gifts in the healing arts and it has power of healing (bheshaja shakti). Shatabhishak is also known as a "hundred stars", which reflects the royal quality of this Nakshatra.

It is said, that is a fortunate star of the king. Shatabhishak people can possess tremendous vital force and courage that will defeat their enemies. The blossom of inner potential and the full arousal of the life force of kundalini can be achieved here. The deity ruling this Nakshatra is Varuna, heavenly father, bestowed of wisdom, medicine, cosmic waters and rain. Here the issue of relationship with Divine Father comes up, along with issue of guilt and atonement, sin and redemption. It can cause us to feel very fearful or guilty, inferior, rejected and condemned. Or we our self can function as some father of judge of others or the world at large.

Nakshatra Shatabhishak

It is a Nakshatra of catharsis and deliverance. It also relates to karma, judgment and retribution. It puts us into calamity of Devine wrath, as a way to seek divine grace to save us. Those who can't open up to Divine grace under it remains underachiever and underworld figures. It exposes weak core of the ego. It is one of the most ambivalent, the most spiritual and the most worldly Nakshatras. Rahu, lord of Maya, rules Shatabhishak. It is here that we have to face the illusion both within our self and in the world. The Rahu or Maya can become the wisdom power of the great lord Varuna. This Nakshatra is regarded as of butcher kasta, nature, – rakshasa (demon), animal symbol, – horse, gunas (on 3 levels), – sattwa/tamas/sattwa. It has a feminine quality and has Dharma as a primary goal of life. It corresponds to a South direction. "Taittiriya Brahmana" describes the fruits of worship, as "Varuna desired, "May I be firm and not unsteady" One who makes appropriate offerings to Varuna, to Shatabhishak, becomes firm and not unsteady".

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