The Qualities of Moola

The Qualities of Moola :Nirriti, the Goddess of calamity, falsehood, death and destruction, who lives in the kingdom of dead, rules this Nakshatra. She represents void but also a foundation. Nirriti has the power to ruin, destroy and break apart (barhana shakti). She is also called Alakshmi (denial of Lakshmi, devi of prosperity)

and also depicted as a Kali with necklaces of sculls, representing the heads of ignorance. Mula means "the root". This Nakshatra's symbol is "tied bunch of roots" and the tail of lion (or scorpion). Mula is a Nakshatra of judgment, danger and transition, but on the highest level it relates to nirvana. It takes us to the prime roots of things and makes us examine them. Mula can make us profoundly perceptive or self-righteous depending on direction of this energy of negation.

Qualities of Nakshatra Moola

Ketu rules Mula and there is danger of coming under its negative influences, which can make person arrogant, but it arises from deep-seated doubt and insecurity. On other hand Mula provides deep powers of perception and capacity to go beyond things, even negate the world. Mula Nakshatra is a tikshna (sharp or dreadful), which can be related to a black magic, spells, exorcism and punishment. This Nakshatra is regarded as of butcher kasta, nature, - rakshasa (demonic), animal symbol, - dog, gunas (on 3 levels), - sattwa/rajas/rajas. It has a masculine quality and has Kama as a primary goal of life. It corresponds to a West direction (at some tantric traditions Nirriti's direction is South-West). "Taittiriya Brahmana" describes the fruits of worship as "One who makes appropriate offerings to Prajapati, to Mula, gains the root of progeny".