Ashwini Nakshatra

The Qualities of nakshtras

The qualities of Ashwini Nakshatra:This Nakshatra is ruled by Ashwin twins, suns of Surya (Sun), mystical doctors.This nakshatra brings their healing energy down to the earth. They bring light, happiness and bliss to everyone they touch. Ashwins has the power to quickly heal and reach things (shidhra vyapani shakti).

The Ashwins can be invoked to bring about healing and rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit. Ashwins are forces of prana, which is quick in its action to stimulate, help and initiate a new level of healing.

Qualities of Nakshatra ashwini

Ashwini is a head of sacrificed horse, symbolic of the sun, which here initiates its journey into the higher worlds. It starts the mystic year, which symbolizes the unfoldment of the Purusha. Ashwins shows the work and sacrifice necessary to undertake new ventures. Ketu, the planet of doubt, negativity, knowledge and critical mind, rules this Nakshatra. Ketu casts its shadow on Mars, ruler of Aries, it gives lesson of doubt of martial and vital impulses and passions, which are quite strong at this point. Ashwini is a place of exaltation of Sun; the issue of identity comes up here. This Nakshatra is regarded as of vaishya varna, nature, – deva, animal symbol, – horse, gunas (on 3 levels), – rajas/rajas/rajas. It has a male quality and has dharma as a primary goal of life. It corresponds to a South direction."Taittiriya Brahmana" describes the fruits of worship as "One who makes appropriate offerings to Ashwins and to Ashwini becomes possessed of good hearing and will not become deaf".