Qualities of Nakshtras

The Qualities of Pushya :Pushya is considered to be the most favorable Nakshatra as a whole for all auspicious actions (Jupiter is exalted here).It grants fearlessness and success. It resembles Ganesha in what it can do for us. The only exception, - it is unfavorable for marriage.

Nakshatra Shatabhishak

qualities of Bharani Nakshatra:

Nakshatra Bharani

Bharani is generally unfavorable as it is ruled by Yama and has an active, aggressive and sometimes impulsive energy that cannot always be trusted. Impulses and desires happening under its influence are likely to be impetuous or misleading. It is favorable for activities listed below: harsh actions (abhicharuka rituals), competitive ventures, things related to fire, deep meditation, Self-discipline and yogic and ascetic practices including Hatha and Raja Yoga, purification actions of various sorts, fasting and mauna, driving out negative energies.

qualities of Rohini Nakshatra :

Nakshatra Shatabhishak

Rohini is creative and favorable Nakshatra, which is most loved by the Moon. It gives much enjoyment but can create much karma. It is ruled by Brahma or Prajapati, it is favorable for his worship. Krishna was born under this star; it is good for his worship and has a similar energy of devotion and joy. It is favorable for activities listed below: Putting new clothes and gemstones, taking new name, healing, practices of longevity.

and rejuvenation, gardening, marriage, sexual activity, performing religious rituals, initiations, empowering sacred objects, learning languages, building houses and temples, entering new house, legal matters, financial gain, acquiring fixed items.

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