The Qualities of Krittika

Krittika literally means "the cutter" and its symbols are a flame, a razor, an ax or other edged weapon. This Nkshatra represents the power to burn (dahana shakti). Agni, the Vedic God of fire,particularly the sacred or ritual fire, spirit hidden in matter, rules it.

Inwardly, this Vedic fire stands for the flame of awareness and mindfulness. It indicates fuel, fire, cooking food and purification Pleiades are located in Krittika and mark the feminine forces. It is here Scanda (great divine warrior), ruling deity the planet Mars, is born. Krittika is a womb of the fire god, located mainly in passive field of Taurus. It has capacity to nourish and give birth to the light. Devine Mother as mother of warrior is also figured here as Durga or Uma.

Krittika is ruled by Sun. It shows light, creativity and personal growth, particularly as directed toward the material world, either to further manifestation or to bring Devine energy into it. Krittika is also the place of exaltation for the Moon. Here the lunar principal gives birth to the god of fire, the mind 9manas0 gives birth of deeper perception. Lunar qualities of perceptivity and openness work their best here, not for self-denial but to bring forth a higher power.

Nakshatra Shatabhishak

This Nakshatra is regarded as of brahmana varna, nature, - rakshasa (demon), animal symbol, - sheep, gunas (on 3 levels), - rajas/rajas/sattwa. It has a feminine quality and has Kama as a primary goal of life. It corresponds to a North direction. "Taittiriya Brahmana" describes the fruits of worship, as "One who makes appropriate offerings to Agni, to Krittika, becomes an eater of foods for mortals".