Guru Peyarchi Palangal for Mesham / Aries Rasi (2021-2022)

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During this Guru Peyarchi, Jupiter would be transiting to your 11th house of Aquarius which is a house of gains. This is a good position and would give positive results for the native. During the transit Rahu or the Moon’s North node would be in your 2nd house and Ketu or the South node would be in the 8th house. Saturn or Sani would be in the 10th house.

This is a great time for conducting auspicious events at home and for making vital life changing decisions. Would be a period of mixed fortune for Mesha Rasi natives.

Guru Peyarchi Palangal for Mesham


Jupiter posited in your 11th house would bring betterment of things at home. Rahu in your 2nd house might bring about unwanted troubles and rifts at home. But then Jupiter would make sure that things do not go out of hand. Family would support your endeavours and children and elders at home would listen to your words. Auspicious events at home bring about joy and happiness. Though there might be some troubles with spouse or partner, there would be no major impacts on your domestic welfare/happiness.


It would be a roller coaster ride during this Jupiter transit period for Mesha Rasi natives. Both good and bad times alternate. Conjugal bliss is assured for those married, and love would end in marriage for the aspiring ones. A good time to get married too by means of an arranged alliance. During the last part of the transit period, there might be some fights with partner. Troubles galore with in-laws too. Lay low and try to understand your partner in a better vein, then things would be under control. A good time for planning to beget a child as well.


Mesha Rasi students would find this Jupiter transit period a good time for their pursuits. You would be able to meet your study goals. Admission into prestigious institutions on the cards for the desiring and deserving ones. Some setbacks however likely during the last phase of this transit period. Great work and concentration would bring you success. You might experience incompatibility with teachers and friends occasionally. Quite a challenging period, but things would straighten out with time.


Though the position of Ketu and Saturn or Sani are such that health issues might haunt you, Jupiter would help to protect you most of the time. Health issues however likely for family members and related medical expenditure bother your spirits as well. Issues of the digestive likely for some Mesha Rasi natives. Surgeries can be planned for the transit period, they would be successful. Jupiter would give you the strength to tide over any sudden health issues, beware of communicable diseases for the period.

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Jupiter transit otherwise called as Guru Peyarchi. Guru in Indian astrological terms is regarded as the most auspicious planet among all the 9 planets, because of its abilities to bestow goodness for all life forms. It is a planet or graha that protects us from the evil cosmic forces and the bad karmic energies .