Guru Peyarchi Palangal for kanni / Virgo Rasi (2021-2022)

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During this transit in 2021, Jupiter would be moving from your 5th to 6th house. The 6th is an evil house and would bring about many bitter events in life for Kanni Rasi natives. Add to this Saturn and Rahu would bring about further hindrances. However Ketu or the Moon’s South node would guide you through the transit period unharmed by bringing about some good people in life.

Health needs utmost caution for the period. Finances dwindle, beware of financial frauds, loans and losses. Enemies and relatives would also be a source of trouble for you. A very troublesome period for Kanni Rasi people. Add to this, Saturn or Sani would bring about emotional disturbances as well. Keeping up with your spiritual pursuits would be the only solace for the period.

Guru Peyarchi Palangal for kanni


Jupiter transiting to your 6th house and Saturn or Sani loitering in your 5th house would bring about problems in your family life. Relationships get affected, there would be serious rifts with partner or spouse and children would be an eye-sore. Not a time to take important life decisions impulsively. Things at home seem to go off wire during this Jupiter transit period.

Rahu would be a source of trouble as well, bringing about disharmony at home. Legal issues might haunt you this period. Medical expenditure likely for some Kanni Rasi people. Wait for the transit period to end for conducting importnat events at home.


Your love life is in for hardships thanks to Jupiter transiting the evil house of 6th. Also Saturn in the 5th house of love relationship would play havoc with your love pursuits for the period. Be prepared for break ups, one of the worst period in recent times for your relationships. Not a good time to start a new relationship as your choice might turn out to be wrong in course of time. Do not propose your love as well, some of you might be brought down by your partner, be cautious. Emotions run hay wire and family might desert you. The married ones can however remain strong by sticking to each other through thick and thin.


Kanni Rasi students would find their studies greatly affected due to this Jupiter transit through their 6th house. You would not be able to concentrate much on your studies and might become a victim of bad friends around. There might be troubles with fellow students and teachers for some natives this period. This would be a testing phase, keep working hard. In course of time, you would get the support of parents and siblings in studies. Success however would be eluding you in studies all this transit period.


Jupiter transiting the 6th house in your case is not a good position for your general health and welfare. Health of family members would also be affected for now. Medical expenditure would increase quite considerably. But then natives are advised to stick to good habits to revive their general health. Beware of contagious diseases around as you are on the anvil of catching one during this Jupiter transit period.

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Jupiter transit otherwise called as Guru Peyarchi. Guru in Indian astrological terms is regarded as the most auspicious planet among all the 9 planets, because of its abilities to bestow goodness for all life forms. It is a planet or graha that protects us from the evil cosmic forces and the bad karmic energies .