2008 Horoscope - Capricorn

The most complex financial, business or property situation for several years is almost over, and you will breathe a sigh of relief once the year begins. In the meantime, do not pursue the issues or launch anything new around the New year which are difficult periods. Your trump card, in all cases, will be a secret you are keeping. Shred the evidence, zip your lip, and lock your diary.
The key to success this year is your discretion, and this applies not only to finance and business, but to almost every area of your life.


Think carefully about the long-term outcome if you are tempted by a new person. This also applies if you decide to try again with your ex, or involve yourself in a love triangle. If you must go ahead, at least try to avoid the stressful year start period for big decisions. Relationships will be smoother, when you will be amazed at how easy it is to team up with someone whose age or experience is so different to your own. This year is best suited for you to settle down in a comfortable relationship though occasional hindrances and hitches cannot be ruled out.

Your joint account or shared property commitments will no longer require so much planning, plodding and patience. In the meantime, try to stick with a strategy which has proven itself. Do not feel guilty if you are spending more time alone or keeping secrets this year. There are good reasons why your partner must be kept on the sidelines, and the work you do on your inner self will bring special rewards. For clear results, put sex or kids at the top of your discussion.

Year 2008


For the best results, skip important meetings, paperwork, job applications or business decisions around the start of the year. You can also avoid complications by refusing to make or accept career promises then. Join forces with someone who wants similar goals and your mutual trust and teamwork could pay off. Don't be surprised if you take a role behind the scenes this year, or alternatively, plot your next career move in secret.


You may be wealthy or in debt, but this year still brings sustained hard work, and a constant awareness of how a worst-case scenario might play itself out. Take stock during the year, which when you will have to concern yourself with facts, figures and realities. 2008 is going to be a remarkably different year, so take advantage of options, offers and special information. You can start the groundwork for important finance-related matters.


Someone who genuinely wants to help you move forward with a health or lifestyle goal will be centre-stage, and the groundwork you achieve with this patient woman or special man, will help you make even more progress this year. To avoid unnecessary pressure, skip the Full Moons on for important meetings or procedures. Just before year end you will hear about a new way to manage your wellbeing and look and feel much better. Avoid over-indulgence in food, especially on sweets and salt.