The most compatible Mother for Taurus is a Cancer /Taurus.

The most compatible Father for Taurus is a Capricorn /Virgo.

Taurus Kids - Consistent and Practical ones

Taurus children are very careful, consistent and practical. They thrive on order and schedules in every area of their lives from, eating, playing to sleeping. Taurus love toys and material things. They love anything they can possess or collect. Money makers from an early age, they can be happy doing chores for money. They may be slow in doing tasks, but they always finish what they start. They are reliable and show up when told to do so. Loyalty is very important to them. They are honest and consistent with family and friends expecting others to be the same.

These children love clothes and food early on. They appreciate the finer things in life. Because Taurus is ruled by the throat, they often have wonderful voices and love to sing and act. On the negative side,they can be very quiet, stubborn and possessive. They can even be possessive of friends or family, not wanting others to share their things, be it people or property. When a Taurus gets mad they do not get over it quickly.

They have their own sense of time and will finish but at their own speed. If you try to hurry them along, they will just slow down even more. Greed can be a problem with these children. Teach them to give and share with others to avoid a selfish attitude. If a Taurus learns to save at a young age, they will often become financially successful adults. A very tactile sign, these children love to touch everything they see. Massage is often a calming agent for them. They make the best huggers in the world.

Birth - 6 months


Loves cuddles.

Prefers to be swaddled.

Very sensitive to physical discomfort.

Needs physical closeness for reassurance.

6 - 18 months

Will respond better to routine.

Enjoys discovering things using all of his senses.

Tends to 'mouth' everything she/he comes into contact with.

Toys that allow a lot of tactile exploration are best for him.

Likely to develop an attachment to a 'special' cuddly toy.

May appear to be a little slower than other children of the same age.

18 months - 3 years

Determination and stubbornness begin to really show.

Favourite word is 'NO'.

New concepts can be taught by graphics.

Needs plenty of forewarning of any changes.

Doesn't like surprise and unexpected happenings.

Needs plenty of 'hands on' experience.

Will enjoy working in the garden or in the kitchen .

3 - 6 years

He may now be less easy to please than he was previously.

More active and instigative.

Becoming competitive.

May appear more selfish and less happy.

Makes sure that they get the fair share of anything.

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