The most compatible Mother for Aquarius is Aquarius / Pisces.

The most compatible Father for Aquarius is Libra /Gemini.

Aquarius Kids - Weird Brains

These children seem strange and a little weird. Being different is their specialty.

It can be in dress, thought or behavior. These children are inventors and creators. They need more freedom than any other sign. Computers can be of great value early in life to these children. They seem to be intrigued by any type of technology. Being dramatic and spontaneous are their nature. If these children become bored with routine, be aware that they might stir up trouble just to keep drama and excitement going in their lives.

Humanitarian is the keyword for Aquarius. They will be charitable to all people and animals. They think globally. They want to do what is good for mankind. Rather cold in nature, Aquarius do not require much affection or attention. They can be rather impersonal and uncaring to people .

They do have trouble committing to people or projects. They need to be taught to stick with things until completion. They make friends easily. Just do not let them discard the friends as easily. When they reach the teenage years, watch out! Teach them early to honor all people, not just to honor group beliefs and norms so they will then become both humanitarians and care for people individually.

Birth - 6 months

Bright and lively.

Alert and responds well to people and objects.

Short attention span, easily distracted.Loves surprise.


Doesn't like physical restriction, this includes clothing or bedding.

Likes being talked to and interacting with others.Enjoys sensory stimulation.

6-18 months

Becoming increasingly interested in surroundings.

Curious and restless.

Has little sense of danger and needs to be watched to avoid accidents and mishaps from curiosity.

May walk and talk early.

Needs plenty of open space, stimulation, supervision, reassurance that there is someone near and quiet time.

18 months-3 years

Curiosity increases.

Analytical minds kicks in and the child needs to know and understand how everything fits together.

Puzzles would be a good plaything during this stage.

Becoming more social and will enjoy interacting with peers.

Behaviour can become unpredictable.

Toilet training can be a difficult time, try to take a logical approach rather than emotive.

At this stage the child needs brief but clear explanations.

3-6 years

Will revel in pre- school as he becomes more socially orientated.

Is increasingly curious and may become restless and unruly unless there is enough mental stimulation.

At this age your little one needs to mix with the peer group, brief explanations, choices and options, attention and to feel included, quiet time, understanding and again few but firm boundaries.

Still fears restriction or confinement and being excluded or isolated.

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