The most compatible Mother for Pisces is Cancer / Taurus.

The most compatible Father for Pisces is Scorpio / Aries.

Pisces Kids - Sensitive Tots

These very sensitive children learn almost from birth to absorb others feelings and assume it is their own.

The most intuitive sign of the zodiac. With so much emotions surging through them, they are often scared. They are so creative, they can create worlds that are safer than this one to live in. Fearful of many things, from monsters in the closet to loud noises these children need to learn to take risks.

Natural born counselors, Pisces will comfort anyone in the slightest bit of emotional or physical pain. Teach them to take care of themselves the way they help others. If they get to drained, they often retreat into fantasy worlds.

Music and the creative arts will allow the Pisces child to retreat into a more structured environment rather than living in a dream world. Check out the friends of these children. Many times because of their sensitive nature, they are taken advantage of by the stronger types.

Teach these children about practical matters, such as chores and finishing what they start. They need to learn grounding, otherwise the temptation to live in anything but reality will become strong. Without a lot of directed actives, they can flit from one thing to another.

Birth - 6 months


Soft and cuddly.

Charming and dreamy.


Enjoys the company of others but will withdraw periodically into his own little dream world.

Needs space to be alone with his thoughts.

Sensitive, and will pick up on the moods and emotions around him.

Frightens and startles easily and needs gentle handling.

Enjoys music and being rocked.

Needs attention and plenty of physical and verbal affection.

Doesn't like to be ignored or forgotten.

6-18 months

Fears strangers and will withdraw if approached.

Loves nature and all living things and will enjoy being outside as much as possible.

Would benefit from early lessons in swimming as this little one will have a fascination for water and enjoy all sorts of water play.

Enjoys music both as a listener and making music of her own.

Sensitive and compassionate.

Charming and very social.

Plenty of attention, affection and touch should be provided both constantly and consistently.

18 months-3 years

Intuition is developing, along with the imagination and fantasy.

Imaginary friends can be quite a positive influence as it can provide an outlet which allows her to explore and express different parts of her personality.

It is best to harness this energy and encourage its positive expression.

Music and art becoming more important and his creativity can really begin to blossom if encouraged.

Do not put him down but encourage his positive behaviour whenever possible.

3-6 years

Dreamy and rebellious.

Constantly trying out new roles and behaviours.

Can be erratic and experience major mood/personality swings as he tries to define who he is.

Still seeking comfort in fantasy and may continually challenge 'reality'.

He is curious, bright and very much in tune with the world around him.

Although she can be fascinated with the subjects of God and death.

Empathetic and compassionate and can be easily upset by cruelty or injustice.

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