The most compatible Mother for Libra is Gemini /Libra.

The most compatible Father for Libra is Aquarius /Leo.

Libra Kids - Indecisive and Diplomatic Ones

They cannot make up their minds.

They have the ability to see both sides of an issue, so choosing is very difficult for them. Teach your child he must learn to make decisions.Charming and polite, they are easy to be with most of the time. They do not often want to be without people. The earlier you can start them in social situations the better. These children are very artistic and love beauty and art of all kinds.

Do not allow them to be lazy, which is their natural inclination. Artistic and musical pursuits will help eliminate this problem. . This child needs to be around people and has many friends. Parents, do not allow your child to make promises they will not keep.

Libras can spend so much time trying to be charming and looking good that they do not say what they really want. This leads them to wild outburst of anger. Teach them to be honest and to ask for what they want. Not everyone can be liked by everyone else. They make people feel wonderful and comfortable. They make the best diplomats and most people just feel good in their company.

Birth - 6 months

Delightful baby, easy to please.


Enjoys being with people and is very attentive.

Doesn't like being alone.

Needs routine.

Likes to feel comfortable.

Needs plenty of visual and auditory stimulation.

6-18 months

Becoming more and more social.

Prefers to have neatness and calm around him.

Likely to begin verbal communication quite early.

Learning all about making choices and needs time to make them.

Prefers strong physical support.

Requires clothes that look nice but allow freedom of movement.

Doesn't like any form of physical restriction.

18 months-3 years

Desire for social interaction is increasing.

Shows concern about his appearance and begins comparing self to others.

Developing sense of values and what is and isnot fair.

Increasingly aware and curious about relationships.

Will have a stock of favourites: clothes, toys, stories, songs etc.

He needs continual encouragement in the area of decision making .

3-6 years

Exploring and experimenting with different social roles.

Becoming more aware of the dynamics in relationships.

Will start to experiment with story telling.

Begins classifying things and people as better or worse than.

Will begin looking to others to make decisions for him/her.

Also very interested in the rules and correct way of doing things.

Needs help in distinguishing the grey areas in life.

Needs firm boundaries and continuing assistance with making choices.

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