The most compatible Mother for Leo is Leo /Pisces.

The most compatible Father for leo is Sagittarius /Aries.

Leo Kids - The king of the jungle

Leo kids love to be treated like royalty.

If you treat them with respect and honor, they will be open, warm, and very giving. These children demand to be noticed whenever they enter a room, often in quite a dramatic fashion. If you do not give them their needed compliments, they will have no problem telling you what praise they would like to hear.

They love to direct everyone, be it playmate, sibling or parent. People seem to not mind being lead around by a Leo, for they often are fun and have great ideas. As any king or queen, they demand only the best in comfort and luxury. They love to act and try on roles of older people.Usually successful in everything they do. Leos can get almost anyone to do almost anything. They do not do anything they do not feel they will not be the best in. Probably the most confident of all the zodiac signs.

Leos hate to be wrong. Whenever you must tell a Leo about a an unacceptable behavior, it must be phrased in such a way that they come out with their pride in tact. If criticized without an out, they will attack and never listen to what needs to be changed. They have very strong egos that they must protect at all times. To help a Leo with changing his behavior, start with what is good about him. Then you can tell them the behavior you would like to see them change.

Sometimes Leo can be so self-absorbed, they will not share the stage of life with anyone. Immaturity can be a problem. A Leo should only be allowed to lead people if, it will be beneficial to everyone. He cannot be allowed to just control and dominate everyone to build his own ego. Leos must learn to share. Siblings in the family will force a Leo to get off his pedestal. Be careful he doesn't bully or dominate the other siblings or the whole family will suffer.

Birth - 6 months

Sunny and loving.

Generally very healthy.

Amusing and charming.

Enjoys being the centre of attention.

Vocal and demanding- becoming even more so if needs are not met

Physically and emotionally strong.

Enjoys plenty of attention and laughter.

Is visually stimulated more than auditory.

Needs plenty of praise, love, physical contact, attention.

Doesn't enjoy being ignored.

6-18 months

Alert and curious.

Loves discovery and likes to share with others.

Enjoys showing off for people.

Needs plenty of interaction from others.

Looks for approval.

Needs attention, approval, appropriate responses, socialising and sharing.

Doesn't enjoy being ignored, disapproval or limits.

18 months-3 years

Bright, entertaining, delightful and generous.

Loving and tender, may mimic caring adults with dolls, animals.

Can be quite dramatic and tend to exaggeration.

Girls at this stage would quite often prefer to be boys.

Normally cheerful, may become cranky and controlling at times.

Can be bossy with other children.

Can usually be brought out of a bad mood with humour.

3-6 years

Leo preschooler enjoys playing at 'grown ups' .

Enjoys drama and is now able to use exaggeration for entertainment

Will mirror the behaviour of adults around him.

Loving and generous.

Social and outgoing.

May tease or boss other children as he is testing out his leadership skills.

Likes to win.

Girls will try to prove they are as good, fast, clever, strong etc as boys.

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