The most compatible Mother for Sagittarius is Sagittarius /Libra.

The most compatible Father for Sagittarius is Aries /Leo.

Sagittarius Kids - Sporty Kids

They are the fun loving children of the zodiac.

These children are enthusiastic, optimistic and generally happy.They are very active physically and mentally.These children often love school and the process of learning. They have a keen appreciation of philosophy and religion at an early age. They definitely have their own idea of what is the truth and love to tell the world. The Sagittarius child will argue when your theory does not match theirs.

Traveling is a must for these children. From an early age until old age they will be traveling to foreign countries and seeing the world. They love to meet people of different cultures and talk about different beliefs. They easily adapt to different cultures and ways of living. Often seen in libraries and museums in search of learning something new.

Very generous and friendly, they love life and people. They are so honest, that they can be tactless. They do not mean to hurt others, they are just telling the truth.These children are not often interested in doing chores or homework because they do not look like something that would be fun.They can procrastinate better than any other sign. They become bored easily and are into so many things, that nothing ever gets finished. They have to be shown the value of responsibility and completing tasks.

These children love sports and should be encouraged to participate, as well as, watch others playing.Give them enough freedom of choice or they will fight you just to be their own person. Teach them tact and what will hurt others.

Birth - 6 months

Alert and cheerful.

Squirmy and restless.

Either sleeping or in perpetual motion.

Happy and playful.

Able to keep himself and those around him amused.

Needs the company of others.

May cry if left alone.

Will sleep better if in a room where he can hear familiar voices.

6-18 months

Curious and restless.

Develops a fascination with fire at this age.

Enjoys travelling away from home.

Very curious and willing to learn new skills as well as just learning.

Loves listening to stories and is already developing a wonderful imagination.

18 months-3 years

Becoming more outgoing and independent.

Playful, brave and reckless.

Curious and inquisitive.

Discovers "why" and expects the answers.

Becomes curious about God and religion.

Can become rebellious and is eager to try new things.

Very creative with a rich fantasy life.

Can be very untidy.

3-6 years

Sagittarian preschooler is friendly, outgoing, flamboyant and passionate.

Can be confident but at the same time fearful.

Attention span can be short with a need for variety.

Extremely restless and curious.

May have difficulty differentiating between reality and fantasy.

Daydreams and becomes very good at story telling.

This little one has no difficulty in adapting to school and is usually very keen.

His natural charm and friendliness makes him popular at school.

His curiosity and keenness to learn make the early years of schooling easy.

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