The most compatible Mother for Scorpio is Scorpio / Virgo.

The most compatible Father for Scorpio is Pisces / Cancer.

Scorpio Kids - Detective minds

If a Scorpio tells you one of his secrets, then he is giving you one of theirmost prized possessions.

Feel honored with this gift. These children are the most intense of all the zodiac. Scorpios will not let anything go until they get to the bottom of an issue. This sign makes great detectives. They love puzzles of all kinds. Give them a mystery book and they will love you forever.

They can be very emotional either in love or anger. These children are the extremist of the zodiac. If they put their mind to it, they can be very powerful and get anything they want if they do it with power and not anger. As a parent, it is important to not allow them to manipulate others into getting what they want. They can hurt others just to get their way.

These children rarely get ill. If they do get sick, they recover very quickly. Pain is not a problem for them. They move through physical pain quickly When angered, they can be very revengeful. They do not often let go of real or perceived hurts from others. If allowed to be too secretive, this child could be without friends.

Give these children a physical as well as mental outlet for their energy. Get to know these difficult children by finding what they are they most passionate about. They can be very, very stubborn and difficult to work with. Do not give up, it will be well worth it. They need people to rely even though they make act as if they need no one.

Birth - 6 months

Serious and Intense.

Cautious and self contained.

Doesn't like to be tickled.

Needs unconditional love.

Likes routine and doesn't like surprises.

Needs affection and cuddles, but on his own terms.

Needs to feel safe and protected.

6-18 months

Becoming aware of his surroundings and looking to understand how things.

Enjoys water play.

Likes games that involve fitting shapes, colours etc together.

Begins to discover fun things that others find distasteful.

Needs approval and permission to get dirty.

Need for privacy increases.

This child will not enjoy being laughed at, even at this tender age.

18 months-3 years

Increasingly sensitive.

May appear sulky but is showing an increased need for privacy.

Can be a late talker.

Will begin to test her power and the boundaries.

Can become stubborn and the word 'no' occurs commonly.

May ask awkward questions about sex and death.

Needs honesty and age- appropriate answers to questions.

3-6 years

Continues to exhibit intensity and volatility.

Needs your reassurance.

This can be a difficult time for both parent and child as he really needs to know that he is loved and while he will relish the comfort of a hug will not seek it and may in fact try to push you away.

Patience is a key word for parents at this stage mixed with perseverance.

This little one needs rules and discipline. Rules that are fair and designed to keep him safe and discipline that is reasonable.

He needs above all to feel loved and approved of, for himself - no matter what he tries.

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