The most compatible Mother for Gemini is a Libra /Gemini.

The most compatible Father for Gemini is a Leo /Aquarius.

Gemini Kids - The Intelligent Entertainers

These children are good entertainers. They never are at a loss for words. In general, Geminis are very intelligent and love to learn. Writing comes easily to them. Give them books or computers to keep them from tiring of one activity. Witty and very humorous, they can grow up to be comedians. They are so good with speech, they can sell anything to anybody. You will often find salespeople possessing the sign of Gemini.

Avid readers, they will need many, many books on many subjects to be happy. They can talk so much, they drive everyone away. Boredom will turn them into a hyper, nervous, antsy child. Get their physical needs for movement satisfied by getting them involved in dance lessons, gymnastics, or track and field. They need to move their bodies as often as they move their mouths. On the other hand, do not give them too many things to do at once, for then they will never learn to be good at anything.

Watch for sensitivity to the hands, limbs or lungs. These children are more prone to dyslexia and nervous disorders, including speech problems than any other sign. Looking for variety can keep them from being faithful to friends and later to a spouse, as well as, the inability to stick with one career. Teaching your Gemini child to fulfill their commitments and concentrate on whats in front of them will be the best thing you can do for them.

Birth - 6 months

Makes contact almost immediately using eye contact and vocalisation.

Enjoys interaction.

Very alert.

Likes being talked to and to hear the sound of a human voice.

Responds well to laughter.

Mirror play is good.

6 - 18 months

Curious and verbal.

Constantly in motion.

Has a short attention span and needs plenty of variety.

Learns through repetition and conversation.

Likely to talk and walk early.

Finds everything exciting and challenging.

18 months - 3 years

Perpetual motion could be your child's nickname at this age.

Begins to perform multiple tasks at the one time.

Looks for honesty from those around .

Mercurial personality begins to show and becomes even more unpredictable.

3 - 6 years

Continues to be changeable, restless and curious.

Becoming more involved with testing out different roles and truths.

Tests parents to see if they meant what they say.

Favourite word "why" followed by "how".

Mimicry and conversational abilities become even more highly developed.

Begins to develop skills in debating and negotiating.

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