The most compatible Mother for Capricorn is Capricorn / Cancer.

The most compatible Father for Capricorn is Taurus / Virgo.

Capricorn Kids - Most serious type of the Zodiacs

One of the most serious of all the zodiacs.

These children appear to be grown up at a very early age. They do become more comfortable as adults than as children. They seem to become younger as they age. They look very young when they are older. They have a difficult time having fun. They see homework and work in general more fun then playing.

Even though they can be trusted to baby-sit or cook dinner, they need to be encouraged to add a little emotions to their desire to be successful and responsible in life. These children will put themselves on a schedule if you do not. They are very ambitious, practical and hard working. The Capricorn child is very good with their money and learn at an early age the value of money.

Capricorns love anything old and traditional. They are very good at the holidays and love the routine of year after year rituals, planning and decorating.They can be very sarcastic and laugh at the worst conditions of life. Depression is a major problem for these children. They work toward perfectionism and get very disappointed when they cannot achieve it.

Encourage them to be children when they are young. Teach them the value of playing and having fun.If depression becomes too much of a problem, later in life these Capricorns can have drinking problems to cover their depression. Generally, these children will be very ambitious and successful. They must learn there is more to life than just working.

Birth - 6 months


Cuddly .

Shy and reserved.

Meets gaze head on from a very early age .

May stiffen or become rigid if he feels threatened or insecure.

Very affectionate and responsive.

Enjoys cuddles, being in close contact with parents, feeling secure.

Doesn't like feeling helpless.

6-18 months

Bright and curious.

Loves to do things, particularly imitating adults around her.

Will want to feed himself as soon as he is able.

Will enjoy helping to put away his own toys and clothes.

Loves to spend time outdoors.

Will begin climbing as soon as she is mobile enough.

Needs encouragement to play and explore.

Enjoys, attention and being taken seriously, reassurance.

18 months-3 years


Seeks information on people, work, old things and will begin to develop an interest in history, commencing with his own family.Observant.

Requires explanations.

Usually obedient but can display occasional rebelliousness.

Enjoys, explanations, reasons, firm rules, forgiveness, kindness, help in expressing emotions.

Doesn't like, being alone, too much responsibility.

3-6 years

Developing his "adult" skills, may alternate between being bossy, critical, judgemental and small, helpless and frustrated.

Intensity and seriousness become even more prominent.

His increased sense of responsibility may tempt adults to place more than his share of responsibility on him.

The Capricorn child is by nature a sweet and gentle being .

Enjoys, information, honesty, help when needed, security, understanding the rules, boundaries and limits, to feel useful.

Doesn't like, lack of assistance, having to ask for help, feeling abandoned.

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