The most compatible Mother for Aries kid is an Aries /Pisces.

The most compatible Father for Aries kid is a Leo /Sagittarius.

Aries Kids -The enthusiastic and fiesty youngsters

Aries children are very enthusiastic and not afraid to take risks. You can never find a dull moment with these feisty youngsters. They never sit still or stop moving. Emotions are on the surface with a full range of emotions from rage to ecstasy. To help your child with these strong emotions, always provide them with a physical outlet. Any competitive sport is ideal for them. Any sport that keeps these guys moving.

If these children are not watched, they will be the ones climbing the tallest tree or leaping off the roof. Involved in anything risky. Very stubborn and always taking on new challenges of the next higher mountain. Fearless in everything they do. Always starting something new. Getting them to finish what they start is another thing. They quickly lose interest in everything, from eating to building a model. As the parent, you will have to prod them to complete everything.

Natural born leaders, these children are often the class president, or the bigwig in any group. Learning to share and learning to lose will be difficult lessons for these children. Aries children can manifest the negative aspects of this sign, displaying hyperactivity and in extreme cases, violence. Moving too quickly, these children can be accident prone and easily hurt their heads. Too much selfishness can lead to difficulties with siblings and playmates. If you teach anything to an Aries, let it be patience.

Birth - 6 months

Demanding, vocal and loud.

Delightful and friendly.

Happy and smiley.

Alert and active.

Tends to sleep in short bursts.

Wakes up easily.

6 - 18 months

Very active.

May try to walk before learning to crawl.

Impatient - as much with herself as others.

Becomes frustrated if he can't achieve as quickly as he would like.

18 months - 3 years

Increasingly inquisitive.

Drives adults to distraction with endless questions.

Always busy, Constantly on the move.

Becoming argumentative and even a little rebellious.

Will question authority.

3 - 6 years

A volatile pre schooler.

Angry, threatening one moment and sweet and loving the next.

Can be extremely sensitive and takes everything personally.

Frustrated at his or her inability to perform tasks.

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