Vrishaba Rasi

Sign No : 2

Type : Earth

Lord : Venus

English Name : Taurus

Sanskrit Name : Vrishabha

Meaning of Sanskrit Name : The Bull


The people of this sign will have good appearance and personality. They are emotional in their behaviour. They have great attachment towards their people and friends. They are very luxurious in their habits.

The person will be amorous, impulsive and proud. They get carried away by praise. Health of the partner will cause anxious moments. Music and mantras

are associated with Vrishabha Rasi. There will be long journeys. They have practical business abilities.

vrishaba Rasi Palan

They have to be careful to avoid self indulgence and recognise flattery. Throat, heart and bladder usually tend to be the sensitive organs and give problems. Mercury, Sun, Saturn and Rahu dasas are good. Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Ketu dasas are bad. Saturn is the benefactor.

Temple For Rasis

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