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Relationship and the Spiritual Life

From the spiritual standpoint, marriage is not necessarily a good thing, nor is divorce necessarily bad, though it is usually very traumatic.If a relationship aids in the conscious growth of both people, it has its value. If it does not do so after a period of time, or if it obstructs inner growth, such a relationship may be better if it came to an end.

However, many relationships can be successful even if only one partner is on the spiritual path. This requires openness on the part of the partner who is not on the path.

Relationship is always an individual matter that cannot be judged by general rules. We should aid our client in what furthers their aspiration in life and not just project social or religious standards upon them. Certainly marriage is a very powerful psychic tie that should not be entered into carelessly and which cannot be ended without considerable work and effort. Generally, we should only end a marriage relationship if it becomes a real block to spiritual growth, particularly if a pattern of unfaithfulness emerges.

If a marriage does not have children, if it is a second or third marriage or has lasted only a short time, it may be a weaker psychic link. We must examine its whole structure and not just place it under a category because of its name.