Chart Comparison: Composite Readings

Human Relationship Potentials

Some of us have the idea that there is only one person for us in life. Most of the time, however, we have several relationship options on a number of levels. We come together for various reasons, some based on outer factors of physical or emotional attraction, others based on inner karmic or spiritual purposes. And inner and outer affinities can combine in different ways.

Hence, we must strive to understand our general relationship potential rather than just fixate on one person we may happen to be involved with. Many people who are married more than once will be married to different types of people. We should see what planetary influences they are opening up to in each case.

Some individuals have powerful charts for relationship but may not find any one relationship that really works. Their strong relationship energy may draw them into different relationships. Other individuals have weak charts for relationship but may maintain a distant or detached marriage throughout life. Yet other types may have a life long relationship but out of inertia, not because there is real communication or compatibility.

Human Relationship

In doing a comparative reading, a good deal of discretion is required. We should not just tell a client that they have a good or bad chart for relationship or that the chart of their potential partner is good or bad. As in all factors, we should not try to make decisions for the client. We should acquaint them with the positive and negative potentials available to them and allow them to make their own decisions. We must remember that relationship is an emotional issue and cannot always be approached along rational lines. We must approach our clients on this issue with the same tact with which we would expect someone to examine our own chart.