Chart Comparison: Composite Readings

Broader Issues of Compatibility

It is not enough to judge compatibility emotionally or sexually. Issues of work, children and spirituality have to be brought into play,not to mention career which is so important today.Two people may love each other or have much in common but may not be able to live together.A certain harmony of style and daily action is required.

We may also find a great deal of affinity between two charts. This, however, may not indicate marriage. It may indicate friendship, a brother-sister relationship or a spiritual tie. In our culture we have a tendency to think that all male-female relationships should involve sexual activity. Hence, we may try to create a sexual relationship out of what is a relationship of another type. The astrologer should be careful not to turn what is an affinity, perhaps even profound, into something good for marriage or relationship, as this is not always the case.

Traditional Hindu astrology follows Hindu cultural values. These are of one life long marriage, no divorce, and having children as an essential part of marriage. Since traditional Hindu society is fixed and marriages are usually arranged, the rules for marriage from Hindu astrology are rather strict. We cannot follow that method in this country without modifications.

We must hold to the first principle of Vedic Astrology here as elsewhere that the most important thing in human life is the development of consciousness. Relationship should be part of this but often it is against it. Hence, while we acknowledge the importance of relationship and the natural human urge towards it, we should give the other goals of life their due as well.