Meena Rasi

Sign No : 12

Type : Water

Lord : Jupiter

English Name : Pisces

Sanskrit Name : Meena

Meaning of Sanskrit Name : The Fish


The people of this house are very analytical and emotional in their behaviour. They will be having fluctuating moods. They have great love and affection towards their friends and relatives. They may have many brothers and sisters.

The children who are born to these people are fortunate. They have more compassion and desire to help all who

suffer. At certain periods in their lives they may have to lead a life of seclusion. They also have a fascination to the studies of occult and physical sciences. They may have to suffer from certain ailments due to long journeys.

Meena Rasi Palan

They are likely to have more daughters than sons. If they pursue intellectual or artistic lines they are bound to succeed in life. They frequently suffer from common colds and mucous discharges. The good Dasas are that of Mars, Moon and Ketu. Bad Dasas are of Venus, Sun and Mercury and these periods will be very critical in their lives.

Temple For Rasis

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