Destiny and Karma

The law of karma states that each ones destiny either happy or sad feelings is decided by their own karmas and not by their good or bad luck. It is the leftover energy or the carried accounts from the past life to the previous one. Karma is to be dealt all through the journey of life till we reach its karmic destiny thus referring to the choices we have made in this lifetime to clear, or follow through on karma accumulated in past lifetimes.

But however the destiny fixed by each ones soul may either vary completely or it may be larger than the karma itself. Each ones destiny is influenced by the karma which also acts as a catalyst to reach our fate and for those who believe in fate typically adhere to a religious philosophy in which the outcomes are all predetermined thus becoming the victims of god or themselves.

Destiny and karma

Karma and destiny has a very close relationship to each other for the former is nothing but the good or the bad deeds done by us which eventually decides our destiny. Thus a person's character or personality can be studied by his karma in the present life. No person is born good or bad but only his karma decides if he or she is a noble or a criminal. An account of all our good and bad deeds is recorded by god and accordingly we get either a bad or a good fruit. A body-mind will always have some karma, some process of activity which keeps it acting and reacting, whereas a conscious person is one who becomes very well aware and identify his true self transcending himself from nature and thus becoming free from karma and gains more freedom.

Thus awareness of one's own self is the answer to escape from the bondage of karma. Such people are very rare and they work a lot on spiritual evolution. Person who suffer because because of their karma deserve it but it doesn't mean that we should not help them to come out of their suffering. We should try to alleviate all for relieving another person's suffering not only helps them; it generates good karma for us and sends out good vibrations into the world whereas letting them suffer without giving a helping hand may result in bad karma for us.

The 'Law of Karma', states that a point of merit is added to our life for every positive deed we do and similarly a point of demerit for every negative deed we do. Thus as the saying goes as you sow so you reap, one has to face his destiny according to his karma. From the books of karma it is said that one gains happiness in some form or the other by every good deed he does whereas a bad deed is returned by sorrow in some form. Throughout our lives, we are either settling an old account of fulfilling our destiny, or creating a new one and once if it is not settled in this birth, it gets carried over to the next birth. None of us aware of what we destined or in our past birth but we grow over through consecutive incarnations with the help of karma. Karmic debt can never be closed for it gets carried over again and again till we repay it. Similar is the earning of karmic credit.

Karma and destiny are like two different threads woven into a single fabric and is very difficult to differentiate. It is very difficult for our souls to get rid of painful existence of lifetime without karma. Karma is something like where in our planned lifetime we have learning opportunities in the present as well as in the next birth. When we go off track it is karma which protects and guide us back to the track .But for the only fact that it is slow because of its relation with destiny waiting or the next incarnation.

Delayed karma is like a person who doesn't smoke in this birth might end up with lung cancer in much latter part of his life for he would have smoked in his previous incarnation and because of his good deeds there was a delay in him getting cancer. Today there might be good or bad things manifesting us because of the karma which we would have got in our earlier births and similarly for all the positive and negative things we are doing now may be manifested in any of our future birth. Karma works behind the scenes and we only get to see the effects in the physical world and not aware of anything happening in the subtle worlds.Thus all the difficulties undergone by us are due to our destiny which can only be reduced by spiritual practices for destiny is completely based on a spiritual aspect. Each of us should be able to control our material desires and physical desires by means of our spiritual desire.

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