Destiny and Fate

Destiny and fate the two different words where the former is what we choose to go behind and thus has no choices and the later has no choices and we are destined to get what we are, but however ultimately fate also leads us in the direction of destiny which is already decided by god. Each of us have a predetermined destiny in our life which is got from the of karma of our earlier birth and also from our parents.

But only a few people can live according these predetermined destinies whereas the rest get into different paths because of fate. Since destiny is something which is not under our control whereas we can designed to have a good fate for we can free will according to us, provided it is in the right direction.

Destiny and Fate

Thus for a life to end up peacefully it is not that we should be born as a good man with good destiny but we should have a good will for it is a powerful tool which gives the best result for ones life. Its not that we are not given choices but only thing is that we have to choose the right path and make use of the opportunity. Though it is painful at times fate is the force that puts you in a particular place at a particular time to help with our soul's evolution and through this we also learn good lessons. For some people it is positive and gives a happy feeling.

When we stand in crossroad it is upto to our choice to decide on the road at the juncture and thus depending upon the road we choose we lead our life. Here destiny is compared with the crossroads. Thus it is the result of the outcome of situation and circumstances one puts himself into. Each one of us may be destined for something in life but again there comes a question of how you make use of it and the surroundings depends only upon you. This is where free will comes into action where the outcome is decided by us though we are destined to be in that situation.So even before we could reincarnate in this world strong decisions are already made by our for what reason and what time we are having a rebirth. This is purely nothing but spiritual planning made by our in our own wisdom. Pre life agreements are already made for how things got to work in future for each soul even before their entry into the planet.

Some theory says fate has no choice and what has to happen will happen. Fate is not what one decides to have either good or bad but instead it is like foreign factor acting on an individual to reach his destiny and invariably the person also participating in achieving the outcome. Thus it is not a single wire but a cable of networks. It is like the preformulated mathematical functions which is defined or destined to have a particular result. Fate acts an external agent to individuals but integral to destiny. Many of us run around aimlessly just blaming the fate and wondering where we are to go feeling regretted for the stars of good sign not shining on us. Nobody can get an immediate answer of what our destiny is, it can be very slowly and carefully studied only by listening to our spiritual voice within ourselves. We need to thoroughly study our soul and what we really want according to our capability after which commits ourselves to reach that goal just listening to our own intuition or the spiritual voice.

Even before we are born it is believed that we make spiritual decision of what we are going to be in the coming life. But since these are spiritual decisions once we are born we can't remember it but however deep in our mind events and circumstances automatically falls in place leading to predetermined destiny. It is the spiritual will which drives us to reach our goal and thus making to dream about our destiny or goal and paves way to take the route which will lead to what we want. In such case there is no stage for fate at all for we are all so well tuned to reach our target with our magical star.

Most of the aspects of fate are not out of control but however there are certain factors can manifest themselves as fate strings, and when it happens, we can tell about something inside our mind that triggers a particular fate string. The principle behind destiny and fate is that is always not under our judgement whereas fate is something which can be made positive with the guidance of god and under spiritual remedy and reach their destiny by avoiding the pitfalls and proceed in life without ever losing the focus on their destiny. Thus to end fate can be dictated by us whereas destiny is a predetermined one.

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