Destiny and kismet

Kismet is the synonym for the word fate or destiny. It is derived from the Arabic word qismah and through the English word came into use in English through the Turkish word gismah and later became Kismet which means "the will of Allah". But whatever it is the only meaning is that the fate is predetermined or predestined.

In Islamic religion kismet means the will of Allah and the people believe in it for their divine plan for their life is governed by kismet. Whereas karma on the other hand says that each individual is responsible for his own destiny based on his or her actions. Thus the basic difference between karma and kismet is that the former quotes we can change our destiny based on our activities whereas the later says that destiny is predetermined and it cannot be changed.

Destiny and kismet

There are legal system which takes in charge of punishing the guilty when it is done under free will and capitalism always rewards enterprise. Every thing we do in our daily is by the decisions we make to do that act and once it is decided and put into action then there is no possibility of it could have turned any other way. A captain of a ship is responsible for the safe journey of it where he can only have the physical and mechanical control over the ship.

We fail to understand that there are other external factors which govern the safety of the ship. So all of us have a free will which again in turn operates with a supreme power and this external factor is what we term as fate or destiny. Every act of will alters what would otherwise have been, ultimately and forever. A simple example is that when we get to wish good morning to a person who is going for an interview it inspires that person which in turn makes the person remain happy and nice to others. Thus all this happens because of one smiling good morning.

Though karma talks about both good and bad deeds it is always considered to be as a positive word. Karma says that our destiny is decided by our actions whereas kismet says that by itself it is the destiny. We are always designed to perceive things from our angle and what we have heard about it but fail to see them the way they are. The word positive becomes positive only when there is a negative. Thus the negative word can also become a positive one. Most of the Muslims believe that everything happening in their life is ordered by Allah and they are destined only for that particular happening according to the wish of Allah.

It is purely a misconception for only two things are decided by Allah one is the birth and the other one is death and all the rest of the things are decided by the individual according to their free will. According to Allah our destiny is not controlled by him but only by us. Though Allah is well aware of what is going to happen to us he does determines our destiny for he just shows us the right and wrong path and it is upto us to take the path according to our free will.

Sometimes it happens miraculously that suddenly we might find solution for our problems. This is nothing but Providence which says that God takes care of our earthly requirements and this is mostly not perceived. We should not give providence as an excuse to escape from looking into our earthly needs but use our free will which is sometimes assisted by fate. Luck can be considered only when it is compared with others and it is not the same for everyone, for it may or may not be in favour.

Each one of us are born in different conditions with different nature and lead different lifestyle. We all tread a different path, and - believe it or not - we all chose the lessons we would learn along ours. Envying the fortunes of others ends up nowhere; instead we should focus on making the best of our own particular path in the knowledge that we tread it for good reason. Every person is born to live which is the basic desire of man. This desire of man bypasses the fate by means of different arts.

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