Destiny and Freewill

Life is a journey where each one of us has got to reach a different destination in different routes in which the contours are delineated for each one of us. It is our duty to study the route and travel safely. But we have to work out the details ourselves. Anyhow the ultimate destination for any form of life is death but only the way each one dies differ for it is dependant on environment, upbringing and free will and not entirely on inheritance.

Destiny and free will are very challenging for sometimes we are destined to reach an unexpected destiny which always gives a mystery of concept destiny of life and death thus depicting our role in this world as an eternally engrossing subject. If we know where we are destined to arrive then the journey in life would not be interesting at all for we will never make any extraordinary steps to progress.

Destiny and Fortune

The mystery of concept of destiny is the fuel that ignites thought and certainty douses it. Out of anxiety and curiosity we consult different type of fortune tellers like astrologers, soothsayers, palmists and thrive small happiness from their verdicts failing to realize what really lies ahead in life. These philosophies which do not square with truth and reality are temporary soothers for again when we stuck by problems then we look back saying blaming it on the destiny and fate. Thus we can never get away from basic reality that we are all governed by an impersonal universal law which states for every action of us there is valid reaction. So instead of acting in all situations against truth we should bend ourselves forward or to resign to the inevitable unseen power that determines the course of events in our life.

The destiny of each of us does not depend on the hardships we undergo but instead how we react or respond to it based on the actions of free will. There is no meaning in cribbing about the fate when it brings disaster for we should either react on it before it strikes or accept it if it is really not unavoidable for very few of us are prepared for it. There are philosophers who say that just by accepting we don't resign to fate nor does it mean capitulation to some slaughtering predestination but just acting within the framework of circumstance.

According to karma each individual own deed is responsible for whatever happens in their life and we can never escape from it for the only factor is the times varies for each reaction to happen. Different plants take different period of time to grow and so are different actions taking different time spans to bear fruit. Similar is the fact that the result of some act takes more time to fructify than the remaining life span of the person who committed that act. These are the cases where the individual has to bear the results of such actions in his next life also and thus karma coming to action. This ultimate law of harmony of universe ,the karma which has no deity, states for every action we do there is an appropriate reaction and none can fail to rise above these adverse circumstances fashioned by ourselves that hem us in.

It is very difficult to understand the things happening in our life in consequences with the relative importance of free will and destiny. For those who believe in the supremacy of either free will or destiny often end up in confusion switching from here to there and finally loose their mental peace. Some get tangled in many situations by their neurotic egos and adaptive personalities when they believe too much in their free will whereas or those who believe in destiny don't have any goals in life and are not motivated in any way to drive to reach their goal. Thus there is always an ambiguity if destiny has got something ordained for our life or free will let us choose the way we want to lead our life. It is believed there are many possibilities that our soul has prearranged for us, perhaps with agreements which might be abdicated with other souls for being a life companion or for doing specific types of work.

Thus this prearranged life possibilities called the overall life plan or a life task are more conducive to inner peacefulness and they don't count to add to fixed destiny. The overall plan in ones life cycle can never change whereas but certain specific things in the life plan are designed in such a they can change based upon choices made by you and by others. Soon we start realizing and recognizing the life plan changes and get tuned with our souls. It is always good to put the free will in action only after reaching a grade of maturity but even inspite of this there are in life that can certainly be considered beyond the realm of free will. Thus no body can say or do they have rational answers why two identical siblings born and brought up under identical conditions show different characters or do why one is born rich and the other born as poor. There are so many catastrophic events in nature happening in the universe where man has no major roles to play.

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