Destiny and Divination

Human beings are always excited by their future and we all know that there is a supreme power which determines the future of the universe by providing orders .Thus destiny or fate is a fixed thing which is highly impossible to change. But this is where free will helps us in doing things according to our wish and thus changes little things happening in our life.

For every person before they could come into existence into this the habits of the individuals are determined and they are comprised of both good and bad .In due course of life each one of us should see to that we project and build our good habits, but however in most cases this does not happens for the bad habits outgrow the good ones.

Destiny and Divination

Nobody is born to deteriorate in life each one wants to improve in life and this is called as evolution which always progress at a slower rate. So in life we will have to put up with others faults and keep going. To be divine is a gift in ones life for it discovers our past, present and future with the help of studying symbols and signs. Thus it is good if each one of us could practice in one way or the other. Foretelling or affecting the future is probably the most common form of divination. None of us are aware of future but we all know we are destined for a specified destiny or fate, for even the god has to accede to it as described in the Oracle of Delphi. Only the present is in our hands for future is with time and we will never know if we have the future to predict for it can only be a possibility and probability.

Divination which is the prediction of future involves deep studying of signs and symbols at the right place in our chart. But the reading of future by divination varied for people and they were not really very sure of what are all the factors to be considered and this is the reason why there are methods of divination. Thus people are concentrating in different forms of divination like using computers and the internet and inputting their insight to calculate the destiny. But in olden days physical cards and coins were used. With this development in technology from cardboard to electronic media we can't assure the authencity of the predicition of destiny.

Different religion and culture used different methods of divination. Turtle bones were thrown ages before the I Ching was codified in the Shang dynasty. There are certain customs in Pagan's where arrows were tossed from Thrace to Mecca. In the Ifa Divination system of Yoruba tradition the Ifa oracle is consulted via a string of sixteen cowries or kola nuts and the patterns when displayed on a wooden tray represents the 256 possible combinations whose named "chapters" are recited and verses interpreted for the client by the babalawo.This method was recently added in 2005 to the UNESCO list of Masterpieces. Thus these different divination systems acts as tools for columning ones destiny and also the people are getting more and more ambitious to know how it was planned and the way it works and how we can get the maximum benefit of it.

The interpretation of destiny through divination is more that a mediation technique for it can be done by studying the symbolic language where it comprises of symbols and archetypes to read the past, present and the future of human life including social and personal life. Thus these methods of divination help us to lead a life in the appropriate direction favouring our stars and signs. Even in today's modern world the interpretation of signs and omens of coincidence and natural occurrence takes place which shows history still plays a major role.

There are other methods of divination which really do not rely on psychic ability but instead a body of knowledge to guide our interpretation and infact they are more deliberate and reliable in their approach to decipher the will of the gods. The astrological sciences like I-Ching hexagrams and Tarot archetypes were designed and coded in such a way that we decide and time up in the right way, right direction and the right time thus having sync with the nature. The moment we are born in this earth our journey towards life destiny starts and we also start moving in its direction, along with the lucks which we brought in when we are born but however it is hidden and it depends on the individual to take it or not and reach our life destiny.

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