Destiny and Pastlife

Destiny is a predetermined fate which accordingly influences all the happenings of our life including all the factors like birth, marriage, illness and death. If it is good we face it happily but when it is bad we hesitate. In such cases it is only the spiritual practice which helps us to nullify the negative things.

When we don't pay interest for a particular amount for a month then it is carried over for the next, similar is the effects of past life where we defy by conventional methods. Destiny gets into the track of predestined fate and as our actions and intents vary, simultaneously fate also changes.

Destiny and pastlife

So a man can either master his will and live with a good fate or surrender his will to god or rather to destiny and wait for his creator to shower his grace. A soul once born never dies but only keeps changing the drama, the role and the stage. The day we realize that the soul remains the same and only the role changes because of our karma we can work towards success of this life. When we talk about karma we immediately only think of the past life and not of all the negative or bad things we do today or in this present life. Without understanding the correct relationship with each other and with the whole of which we are a part we can never get into the books of good karma and also by realizing this we can calculate our relationship with past life and correlate it with the present rebirth.

According to law of karma, punishment is not something which is mechanical which does not comes back to us in the same way we did but instead it is supposed to be inevitable in a different form which has remedy n the form of spiritual practice.

Karma doesn't have much to play in the case of untouchables in India, it is only man made law which can be rectified and is also a social duty of us to take part in its correction for us to enter a true living. Humans may be reincarnated any number of times with the soul which gets revived and come into action again. But however the essence of the soul or the happenings in ones life remains the same which comes back into life and continues its action. This destiny comes from ones basic nature and a special relationship in his foundation which soon becomes the origin of all the activities of consciousness.

Life is not the same for everyone for it is difficult for few and it is happy for the rest which is mainly because karma of their soul. The soul knows the best if the happenings are intentional or productive for it holds the essence of karma. Thus this dealing with the karma helps us in the cycle of growth. The understanding of the relationship between the constellation Sirius and the solar system is exactly the same as that of the soul and the personality. Our existence in the solar system is basically under the law of karma which is the result of the action of the energy of the alter ego of our solar system, the constellation Sirius.

As the solar system acts under the intentions of Sirius as its soul so are our personalities acting under the intentions of our own soul. Every action we do has a cause which inturn has an effect paving way for the good or ill of our life .This is soon set into a motion and make us feel the good or bad karma where a good karma is always left unnoticed for we live in comfort and only for a bad karma we regret for the uncomfortable roads in our life. So it is always nice when we also look back on the good karma.

Each birth ends with a death which sounds traumatic for the first hearing but when this happens continuously again and again it may seem highly advantageous to just eliminate any memory of the experience. Before we or rather in more appropriate terms our soul , reincarnate as humans into this earth we choose or path in which to lead our journey and also the role we are going to take up. Once we are here on the earth as individual, it is only the personality which makes choices according to our free will which may be either good or bad according to our destiny.

However hard you work to reach what you want, it cannot happen if your soul has already decided to leave your body. Reincarnation is the belief that we are reborn after death. Some eastern philosophies say that we progressively evolve from lower life forms (animals), though most western reincarnationists feel that human souls remain human. When we deeply get into exploring the past life for some therapeutic purpose it may at times cause traumas or behavior patterns in the present. But however when you deeply study the concept of karma it is nothing but exploration of past lives and not punishment as we now term it.

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