Destiny and Literature

Kismet is the synonym for the word fate or destiny. It is Most of the literature quotes that the destination of each ones destiny is influenced by two important factors namely karma and dharma. Karma is nothing but the action of life and the lessons we have to learn from it to correct our destiny whereas dharma means to live our life according to our destiny or according to our duty to be done in this birth.

God has created each one of us in this world with a reason and we are obliged to perform the duties given to us instead of sitting back and relaxing for then nothing comes into our life. So it is our ardent duty to fulfill the purpose in our life by praying and striving after God and do what he wants us to. A person who has opted to live a life of alcoholic will never reach his destiny unless and until he goes in the right direction to recreate his destiny.

Destiny and Literature

There are certain books like the bible which says all men are born to do some work, but what if you are born with a silver spoon where there is no need for you to work for the next two or three generation. Here when we put a clause of what would happen when you loose your wealth, and there comes on action the duty to work. Mahayana form of Buddhism talks a lot about alaya which is nothing but the consciousness storehouse of karma. This stored karma in our alaya does not come and deposit all of a sudden but it depends on our behaviour since we are born. Depending on the karma either good or bad, it effects may either witnessed in this birth itself or it may be carried to the next birth also or even later. It can also be taken the other way where the accumulated karma of our past life is responsible for the good and bad things happening in this life. It does not mean that when we die our karma also ends but instead it is carried into the next life also and sometimes even beyond that till we tally the effects of good and bad karma. In other words, one is born with karma from the past that has already accumulated in the depths of life or the alaya.

According to literature duration of one's life is an example of one's past karma influencing the present. History cites many examples like King Ajatashatru and Ch'en Chen and Bodhisattva who prolonged their life by practicing Lotus Sutra and transforming the karma. Buddhist concept of changing one's destiny says that though a person has to eventually die, through their actions to promote the correct teaching they lessen the retribution of the karma and can alter the time and the nature of the effect. However this concept of Buddhists philosophy of changing ones destiny does not agree with western philosophy for they believe in a fixed destiny and nothing can be altered. Thus according to the Buddhists philosophy just realizing the cause of ones suffering is not going to help him in any way but instead create new, positive causes that will relieve the suffering. From this it becomes very evident that we can improve and prolong our life span by changing our karma.

Latest religions confers that each one of us choose our life even before we are born and god has already destined a plan for our life. During god's conversation with Jeremiah the prophet, he tells him that he knows him even before he was formed in his mother's womb. But if that is the case then why should we ever be bothered about our life or our future for everything is predestined. We all face problems in life in the form of punishment or tests for that is the only way to become closer to God. The basic aim is that we should not loose the ground during the struggle to reach at our aim. As the famous saying goes �as you sow so you reap� good karma makes good happenings and the bad karma gives bad things. The law of Identical Harvest says that effects produced by our thoughts are more identical in nature to the thought itself, like a corn reproduces only corn and a mango can reproduce only a mango. The events or the happenings of the world although not visible to your eyes each one is acted upon by a supreme force.

Most of the literature and religions say never loose faith in God and keep pushing yourself towards him and always is an optimist work hard or pay the cost of what you want which really not belongs to you. But if you are a pessimist you will end up nowhere near God. Each one of us is destined for a destiny pattern and in such case when we try to help out others either variably or invariably we might end up in problem with no solution. So when ever we go to help someone we should make sure if we could really help them out instead of adding more burden to their already existing problem. When we know that we are going off track or away from our destined destiny direction then it is wise to change the track and move in the right direction. This is how we learn to use our god charted plan by the trial and error method and finally reach divinity.

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