Destiny and its Correction

Our thoughts determine our destiny for everything we do either consciously or unconsciously is provoked from a thought. Our actions,behaviours and how we present or talk to others and much more are influenced only by the way we think whose man underlying factors are belief, concept or imagination.

Thus everything is a result of a visible or invisible thought. It is God who fixes our destiny and we should follow his path to reach it without any pain. We can't blame God for he has not fixed anybody's life in pain, it is we who choose it by ourself and we are solely responsible for it.

Destiny and its Correction

Rich are rich most of the times because they know the secret of success which we are not aware of, but it doesn't mean that the poor are destined to be so, it is only the lack of knowledge. If things are not clicking the right way it's not the bad luck or fate but only that we lack wisdom and education which comes through experience or from the experienced person. Today we are here because our thoughts have brought us here and for tomorrow we will be where the thoughts lead us. Thus it is always wise to think like a winner and change our life situation to the better for thoughts determine our destiny.

As soon as we become mature enough to fix our destiny, then it is good to shape or make clear route to reach the determined goal. One cannot have many destinies for he or she cannot master everything, so the individual should be focused and disciplined. When we want to become an actor it is good we do all the groundwork required to become an actor and master it, even before we take up an interview. When they don't master failure is for sure. The more that you know about something, the more successful you will become at it and therefore, you will shape your destiny. It is already been written what is going to happen in each ones life but it does not mean positively it is going to happen or fate can always be corrected by free will. Destiny is just like giving two choices and choosing one from it which may be either a reward or punishment for you.

It is very cleat that choices are given in the written form. Thus it is here where we have to opt for a choice for the prefixed destiny decided by us according to our will. The choice opted by us will not be in the hardcoded form and it is upto us to change it by hardwork to reach our destiny and never be worried if we go wrong initially, for only by making mistakes we don't repeat it again and become wisdom. When we don't want to reach a point A fixed in our destiny but instead want to reach point B for which hard work, worshipping God is all different home work to be done. During this period God will test you by various ways like giving you maximum tension, restlessness etc.of all which we should be determined and strong. When you successfully get promoted from all these tests then you will be rewarded with the point B which your destiny.

Duration of one's life is an example of one's past karma influencing the present. History cites many examples like King Ajatashatru and Ch'en Chen and Bodhisattva who prolonged their life by practicing Lotus Sutra and transforming the karma. Buddhist concept of changing one's destiny says that though a person has to eventually die, through their actions to promote the correct teaching they lessen the retribution of the karma and can alter the time and the nature of the effect. However this concept of Buddhists philosophy of changing ones destiny does not agree with western philosophy for they believe in a fixed destiny and nothing can be altered. Thus according to the Buddhists philosophy just realizing the cause of ones suffering is not going to help him in any way but instead create new, positive causes that will relieve the suffering. From this it becomes very evident that we can improve and prolong our life span by changing our karma.

If we are destined to lead a wealthy life for a longer span, but unfortunately we commit n number of bad deeds then it goes like that we don't need to wait for the next birth to undergo the bad karma, for in this birth itself we will cursed to become poor with a short life. Similar is in the case of a poor man who is destined to be poor but because of his good deeds, his good karma will give him a rich long life in this birth itself. In both the cases good and bad deeds are result of thoughts. Thus all that we are subjected to undergo in the present life is due to our deeds in the past life and this does not necessarily have to fix our destiny for it can be altered or changed by our current thoughts. So our thinking can positively shape our destiny.

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