Destiny and Fortune

There is always a doubt of whether destiny, fate and fortunes existence is true or if it is just an answer of yes of an imaginative question. Destiny accounts for at least 40% of our life for most of the factors influencing our life are due to the predestined nature of our life. Most o us believe that we can change our destiny for they under the fact that destiny is not predetermined and we can a change our life by free will and hard work thus bringing destiny to our control.

But can all these really take place and if it is so, is it really not happening because we are not working hard on it. There are cultures and philosophy which says that the security and prosperity of the people of Hellenistic civilization or rather the entire fortune of the city is totally depended on a previously less notable goddess, Tyche.

Destiny and Fortune

People who really work hard to reach their goal ultimately at some point of in life may reach they goal whereas people who want to wander away time never reach their goal and there are possibilities of them even going to drain. Here arises the ambiguity of who really fixes our destiny is it God, but it should work in such a way that must become God and write his own destiny and fortune for sometimes God might ignore our prayers where we might end up with a bad destiny and fortune. It is true that God created all of us with good destiny and superior qualities. He has created each one with individuality and it is our duty to explore this and analyze the purpose or goal for what each one of us are created in this world and then work accordingly to reach our goal. Thus finding out the real reason of our creation in this universe is our ardent duty and to work towards it in achieving the goal. Though they may not witness cent percent result they are sure to see success putting the fact across all those who really work hard never fails.

There are two sides of every person, no matter how strong he or she is there is always a weaker side which is feared of defeat thus putting our confidence down. The moment they become less self confident they become like a parasite which depends on other factors for it to live.Similary even humans believe in closing their eyes and wait for some fortune or supreme power to act on them rather than devoting themselves to hard work. It is when things go wrong or if a brain and heart stops functioning towards our for some reason, then most of us just put our finger across and pray to God, believing for someone or some supernatural power to turn the wheel of fortune in favour of them. This way what we really do is escape from reality or from the defeat and keep ourselves stress free running behind caring shadows of the super-power, dominated by some imaginary thoughts of pre-destined ill fate. All of us by person are very good critics of others when it comes to our own personal stuff we fail to scrutinize our mistakes and work hard to rectify it but instead wait for good fortune.

Just sitting back in life for some sudden luck or fortune to come in favour of us is merely a sign of foolishness for we end up in fright and finally defeat. We are taught to be afraid by the society, socio-religious taboos being enforced on us through this fear. Thus when things go wrong we stay apart from it and undergo the pain rather than making an effort and working on the obstacle. This is not what God wants us to do but to act directly on the problem and try to defeat it instead of nominating God in charge of all. Ill fate may be due to our own ignorance or an obvious or camouflaged cause so it is the duty of each individual to try to find solution for our problems rather than manifesting on the creative imaginatory factors like fate and destiny.

The interpretation of destiny through divination is more that a mediation technique for it can be done by studying the symbolic language where it comprises of symbols and archetypes to read the past, present and the future of human life including social and personal life. Thus these methods of divination help us to lead a life in the appropriate direction favouring our stars and signs. Even in today's modern world the interpretation of signs and omens of coincidence and natural occurrence takes place which shows history still plays a major role.

Escaping from reality and failing in life will invariably influence our future generations and we will be responsible for their poverty, where we will not be able to give them good education or shelter or food, for which they are no way responsible. Therefore it is wise for not to wait for God to listen to our prayers and shower his blessings of fortune on us but instead try to write our own luck and destiny and such people will always end up in success. So from now on let us make it a point not to devote ourselves to prayers to God to write our fortune but to find our potential and work on it to reach our destiny. Life is not the same always for each one of us, for sometimes success to us just like that where we wouldn't have expected whereas in certain other cases even after putting the best efforts we might end up in failure. We think that we can change our destiny and master it by working hard. In such cases we have seen only many failure cases. This should be understood by the fact success also doesn't come when we work hard for the wrong thing in the wrong way. Everything in our life at some point or the other is influenced by the predestined or prearranged with special code of destiny which can be changed. But to choose to believe and to discover about your life Destiny, you do have the choice. Thus knowing our destiny let's take the right path to reach it avoiding the obstacles in the way.

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