2006 Horoscope - Virgo

During the eaAs the New Year begins, one of your resolutions will likely be to start fresh and let go of all emotional baggage, once and for all. Get it all out in the open by mid-January. At that point, an ex is extremely likely to call or email. If you're attached now, you can expect to finally be able to make friends with that ex, even if just about everyone would have sworn it couldn't be done.

Year 2006


It's a year for releasing any unnecessary burdens that are holding you back and picking up new connections that you can carry joyfully into the New Year. At the beginning of 2006, think carefully about the parts of your life that are freely accessible to your friends and family. A secret that once seemed harmless may be eating away at you, and January is the time to let it go and free up your energy for fresh connections. By the middle of the month, a former lover may make a surprise attempt to get back in contact with you. If you're presently in a relationship.

As the years roll by you'll be exercising a whole new aspect of your personality, thanks to a partner who excites your senses like no one ever has before. This person will be your guide through a landscape of unfamiliar but wholly positive emotions. Be sure to express the gratitude you feel. Sometimes it's hard to admit you don't have exclusive control over your own happiness, but it will be a pleasure to admit you owe some of your contentment to such a compassionate source.


You should be able to put the past behind you like never before. You might recycle a fond old memory into a new chapter in your career, no matter how far you've come since. Sooner is better for all of this professional housekeeping, so try to take care of it.

Big changes, most of them positive, will come your way throughout the bulk of the year. It is also a great time to start new projects -- including, if you're ready, a job search. Things won't move at great speed, but they will move inexorably forward until the fall, when you will start to see some serious returns on your investments. Make sure that you are engaging in due diligence regarding your body and health through this period, as it will be all too easy to forget those needs and slide into physical difficulties. If you can keep all your plates spinning through the spring and summer, you will be in great shape to reap the big rewards that will start to come in September.

You are all about the details, but this year will see you let go of some of the financial control that you are so good at -- because things are doing fine on their own. Building on your experience and assets, you'll be able to create something new and valuable if you apply yourself. Make sure to make something for the winter.