2006 Horoscope - Leo

You're out for a real emotional connection this year. That's first and foremost on your priority list. Fortunately, when it comes to prospective partners, you know what you like and, more importantly, what you don't like -- and during 2006, your perceptive abilities will be especially keen. If you're already attached, your emotions for your partner will deepen considerably as the year progresses.
There may even be cohabitation or marriage on the agenda as the year draws to a close.

Year 2006


If you've been waiting year after year for the kind of romantic connection you only read about in books, your patience is about to pay off.

When it comes to romantic partners, you've had plenty of time to figure out what you want. If you've already settled on someone you'd like to stay with for a long time, this will be the year you explore the permanent motivations and lasting basis for your passion. Parallels between you and your partner will be thrown into sharp relief, and the complementary differences between you two will become visible as well. Your emotional connection will deepen as the intellectual and instinctual aspects of your relationship begin to work in tandem.

If you haven't yet found a partner at the beginning of 2006, you're in for a very lucky year. However, you can't just expect prospective soul mates to come to you. It's also possible that someone you've been involved with in the past may ask to rekindle a connection that had fizzled out. Give it a try -- with your practically supernatural discernment, you'll be able to tell quickly whether the person deserves another chance. Once you find someone special, you'll be thrilled to find out that they felt the same visceral connection you did in the first moments of your meeting.


You want to get serious about your work in a new way this year, and you should find myriad opportunities to do just that. It could be that you find a new job that meshes better with your deepest ideals.

It's entirely possible that you will feel out of place at work as 2006 gets going though. If so, start looking for something new right away -- speed will yield more interesting possibilities for you than thoroughness. You should be able to find something almost perfect by early March. Midsummer might bring an offer from an old employer; don't pass it up without thinking it through all the way. You might be able to get a lot out of a counterproposal, so don't be shy about asking for the Moon. Once you've made up your mind, you'll be able to settle right into your new environment as though you'd been there forever.

Look for props from above in spring and fall and for upward trends in your career movement all year long. If you play your cards right and feel comfortable in management, you could see a fat promotion come your way just as 2006 wraps up.