2006 Horoscope - Gemini

While it's always been just about impossible to keep you from expressing yourself, you've probably been a bit quieter over the past year. Perhaps you've even felt downright hesitant to say what you're thinking -- especially if you're not absolutely sure of the potential repercussions of your words. That's not a bad thing; it's the wisdom of experience and age, and the universe will be tossing
a bit more of it your way throughout the new year. You may be thinking more seriously lately, but that doesn't mean you can't indulge in some fun!

Year 2006


Your romantic outlook for the months of January through March is likely to match the weather you're used to seeing around that time- overcast, with scattered sun breaks. You have plenty going on -- so it's not that. The fact is, you're having trouble explaining to yourself what a certain relationship means to you, and it's worrisome. Your inability to predict where the relationship is headed will send you into fogs of ambiguity that may even confuse other aspects of your life.

As time rolls around, you'll experience an emotional breakthrough. You'll either figure out how to fix the relationship or you'll move on. It's perfect timing, because in April you're likely to start seeing a close friendship in an exciting new light. Just be sure to take things slow and nurture your friendship alongside this potential flame.

2006 will bring other big developments on the romance front as well. It's a perfect year to put tempests behind you, because you have so many sunnier options on the horizon. Be careful not to dismiss suggestions from relatives or friends. If your parents or siblings want to introduce you to someone they're sure you'll love, don't mock the idea immediately. Stay open to any option that floats your way.


The last year has seen you struggle intensely with career in one way or another, and the good news is that 2006 will bring you new credibility and a boost to your reputation, just as you had hoped. Your behind-the-scenes efforts have not gone unnoticed, and as your increasingly vital role starts to get more attention, you will see the rewards accrue commensurately. It might be a good time to start loosening up and reinvigorating your informal work relationships -- you'll need friends as well as admirers.

But first, take plenty of time in January and February getting serious about business finance. You need to make sure that you have a firm grasp on any budgets and assets that are under your control. Act from a place of certainty and don't let them tell you that they know better. This time you're right for sure, and you have to do what it takes to get your way. Decisive action will be rewarded. It is quite likely that you'll pick up a job or career tip from an unlikely source later in the year. Take pains to follow up on it, as it will yield some surprising and potentially quite profitable connections.