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Wolf Moon

Folklore associated with Wolf Moon

According to the Native American folklores, Wolf Moon is the time when wolves howl with hunger and for mating during cold January nights. Meanwhile, Indian folklores believe in humans transforming into wolves as soon as this moon comes to the horizon.

Wolf Moon

The Wolf Moon comes on the horizon during January every year, mostly in the middle of the month. It stands bright on the horizon with all its' splendor, being the first full moon of the year. It is because this moon orbits around the sun, moving opposite the Earth, with sunlight shedding directly on it. The other names of the wolf moon are Old Moon, Great Spirit Moon, Snow Moon, Moon After Yule, and Cold Moon.

Astrological Significance of Wolf Moon

The full moon signifies new beginnings and fresh starts for many. So does the month of January. Hence, the combination of Wolf Moon and the month of January are like the bright sun shining after a storm.

Astrology recommends you start afresh and welcome new beginnings with valor. Days begin to get longer and nights begin to shorten, signifying illumination in your life. It is time for meditation and self-reflection. Write down your resolutions on the eve of Wolf Moon, or perhaps if you made them on new year's eve, you can review them.

Black Moon

Black Moon and Folklore

Black Moon is two new moons, which occur simultaneously in the same calendar, although, it also possesses different meanings like a Blue Moon. It is also known as February Moon. Black Moons hold unique importance to Pagans and witches. They associate a Black Moon with good luck and spirituality. Often magicians practice black magic in graveyards during a black moon, as it is a rare sight.

Black Moon and Astrology

According to Astrology, Black Moons are new moons and thus, signify new beginnings. It is the best time to take up new initiatives and eventually succeed with the black moon shining not so brightly on the horizon. It is a charm that brings luck.

Black moon fosters your creative side. It is a time for self-reflection and to let go of habits that inhibit your growth. Perhaps write your bad habits on paper and throw them away in a sea or lake under the dim brightness of a black moon. 

Black Moon Ritual

Black Moon Ritual is a famous ritual that many follow during a black moon. Throw wide-open a window of your bedroom or any vacant room. Light a cone, rod, or paper and imagine negativities of your life swirling away with the smoke. Once the object burns out completely, throw away the remaining ash to mother nature. You will feel lighter and much better. Relinquish in the positive energy of the black moon.

Blue Moon

A Blue Moon is quite rare. It is when two full moons occur in the same month. The second full moon is known as Blue Moon. It occurs in Taurus always, which is the favorite zodiac sign of the moon to be in.

Blue Moon and Folklore

Blue Moon in numerous religions and folklore is associated with the growth phases of a woman as the moon is generally used to denote feminine beauty. However, other people view it as a time to connect to the spirits of dead people and a time to boost supernatural personal abilities. They believe so because a blue moon is a pretty rare sight. Some cultures even celebrate a blue moon, as they believe that it boosts their abilities.

Blue Moon and Astrology

However, according to astrology, the Blue Moon is a good time to grow and spread your wings for flight. You get an energetic boost and feel rebellious. As it occurs in Taurus, it gives you the power to break free of conventions. You begin thinking out of the box. Also, a Blue Moon occurs during the time of Halloween. Halloween is the time when the spiritual world is more in connection with the human world. Thus, these spirits guide you through to wisdom and love. They help you attain greater understandings of matters. Thus, you shall be extra conscious of what you dream about on this night.

Pink moon

Pink Moon does not look pink moon but looks like bright white! It is a lot brighter and huger in comparison to the average moon. It is known as the pink moon because it appears in April. April is associated with flower blossoms and spring. Thus, the Pink Moon got its name from this phenomenon.

Pink Moon and Folklore

There are numerous myths associated with the Pink Moon. Some believe that if this moon turns pale in color, it brings rain and happiness. Also, according to other folklores, it is the best time to grow crops.

Astrological Significance of Pink Moon

The evening of the Pink Moon will bring to the surface many secrets. Many hidden desires and feelings will come out as confessions. People will be emotionally charged. Get ready to embrace change as it is inevitable now.

It is best to be celebrating this moon. You shall take a bubble bath with the crystals such as carnelian, flower jasper, and quartz. Your mind and body will be cleaned. You will feel more energetic, and your vibrations will also be purified.


Nevertheless, moons have always been signifying new beginnings and unravelling the hidden mysteries. 


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Wolf Moon, Black Moon, Blue Moon, Pink Moon and significance
According to the Native American folklores, Wolf Moon is the time when wolves howl with hunger and for mating during cold January nights. Meanwhile, Indian folklores believe in humans transforming into wolves as soon as this moon comes to the horizon....