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Jupiter’s transit in any zodiac sign lasts for about 12 months or 1 year. Hence the effect of its transit would linger around for long, say about a year’s time. Overall, the transit period of Jupiter is a very auspicious period as it is a benefic planet. Once in every year, when Jupiter transits a zodiac house it brings with it major changes alongside based upon the house or the planet it transits in our birth chart.

Jupiter transit is one of the most significant transits among all the planets. As Jupiter travels through each house, it brings about a bit of goodness to different parts of our lives. The transit of Jupiter particularly in the fourth house brings good luck in native's life. Life gets filled with joy and happiness. There are gains from business and property. If Jupiter transits in your 11th house from your Moon sign , it is a good position of Jupiter. It will bring lots of respect, position and pride for you. Your children will be supportive and loving during this period as it aspects the 5th house from its 7th aspect as well.

Transit Jupiter in the 1st House

If Jupiter transits through your first house also called as the Ascendant, then you would be an optimist. You would feel better with life and your life path and would be much satisfied, confident and satiated in life. Through the transit period, you would experience many opportunities to expand your life. You would feel more freedom to do whatever you want in life and would be more friendly and social than ever. However this transit might make you become quite complacent and lazy. You might indulge in food that might take a toll on your weight and health, hence be wary of this.

Transit Jupiter in the 2nd House

As Jupiter transits through your 2nd house, your approach towards values in life would change for the better. There would be an improvement in your self-esteem and inner-healing. This transit make you stick to your routine and there would not be much changes in your life. With Jupiter transiting your 2nd house of finances, goodness is assured here, you would find ways to improve your financial standing. This transit would make you more materialistic and makes you splurge and indulge with your finances. This would be quite a prosperous and positive period for you though.

Transit Jupiter in the 3rd House

The third house is the house of learning, knowledge and communication and when Jupiter transits through your 3rd house there would be the yearning to learn more and garner much knowledge. This transit would guide towards learning a new life skill. Your social life expands thanks to your improvement of communication skills. There would be good rapport with siblings and neighbours. You would become more tech-savy during the year and would be tempted towards buying many tech gadgets.

Transit Jupiter in the 4th House

As Jupiter traverses through your 4th house, home and security and domestic life get into prominence. This would be a time when natives might buy their own dream home or would refurbish an existing one. This Jupiter transit would help you to spend more quality time with family and friends. For some , there would be a new addition to the family. You would build up a good security for your future and would well support your loved ones through the transit period.

Transit Jupiter in the 5th House

When Jupiter transits through your 5th house, there would be an inclination on your part to enjoy the good things in life. You would be more bent towards your hobbies and be much creative. Your artistic pursuits get greatly enhanced during the transit year. As the 5th house stands for luck, native stand to do well in speculative deals, however do not overdo things. Natives become more social and attract potential partners into their fold. You would become more expressive and some of you stand to fall in love during the period. With the 5th house ruling off springs too, some of you might be blessed with children around this transit.

Transit Jupiter in the 6th House

The 6th house is the house of work and as Jupiter transits through this house work become your focal point. You would be encouraged to work more and much more efficiently as well. You get more work done than before these days. You become more of a perfectionist and there might be some troubles at the work place with peers. You find your routine work boring and would opt for a change. Hence this is an ideal time to look for a new job or go for a relocation. This transit of Jupiter also emphasises health and guides you towards working for a better health regimen.

Transit Jupiter in the 7th House

The 7th house is all about marriage and partnership. Hence when Jupiter transits through the 7th house, natives stand to get married or get into a new relationship or enter a partnership deal in business. All sorts of co-operative deals work well for you these days and you would forge some of the best relationships this transit period. But then some of you might end a relationship as well around this time, if it had not been in your best interests. Your social life expands and you get in touch with many people and would be able to impress a whole lot of them.

Transit Jupiter in the 8th House

When Jupiter travels through your 8th house, you would be more satisfied with the control you have in life. This transit would unearth some past secrets and make you come in terms with it. This would be a time of healing and growth for the natives. This transit also favors financial improvements with your career or business fetching you good returns through the year. You would be able to settle old debts and loans and would get into some high value investments as well now. This transit also improves your sexual prowess and blesses you with conjugal felicity.

Transit Jupiter in the 9th House

The 9th house is the homestead of Jupiter and when it travels through the 9th house you would be more at ease with yourself. Your life expands in more ways than one. There would be goodness all around, you would feel good in spirits and would be more optimistic through the transit period. This year would also be favorable for your to learn or teach. Those into business would prosper and law suits end in your favor these days. Worries and anxieties vanish from life, there would be no stress and strain as well. You would get a good or perspective picture of your future and would stay satiated than ever.

Transit Jupiter in the 10th House

The 10th house is the house of career and as Jupiter traverses through your 10th house there would be rapid strides in your professional standing. You would perform well in work and would enter into the good books of authorities and peers in work place. You get more opportunities to grow in the professional life. You would enjoy your work and would be much satisfied with your standing. This transit helps the natives to attain higher goals hitherto seemed impossible.

Transit Jupiter in the 11th House

With Jupiter transiting through your 11th house you stand to be blessed with much gains in life and your social life would swell, new friends and acquaintances come into your fold. You would develop a bend toward social and charity works and this would give you peace of mind as well. Everything goes well in your life and you would stand more optimistic than ever before. Some of your life long dreams would come true during this transit period.

Transit Jupiter in the 12th House

The transit of Jupiter through your 12th house makes sure that you shed off any excess baggage that you had been carrying for long and had been quite troubling for you. Some hidden issues come to the fore and you would be able to face them head-on. Spirituality and the occult sciences excite you. You would develop much compassion towards humanity and would start some volunteer works. This transit makes you to shy away from the limelight though you keep pursuing your good interests without any hassles.

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