Dos and Don'ts for Saturn Retrograde

Saturn is a very strict disciplinary planet that when it retrogrades brings on the heat on us. It would not be a cake walk during this time, we would be asked for introspection then. A time for stock-taking. Ever felt like being on the cross roads?, find here the dos and don’ts to be followed when Saturn is retrograding around.


•  Take life very easy during the Saturn retrograde phase.

•  Take stock of things that are more important for your life, re-assess your standing.

•  Learn life lessons that come your way.

•  Be careful and cautious of all your moves.

•  Attend to things that need rectification or prevention, then and there.

•  Do not make any big moves for now.

•  Take frequent “me-time” to rest and rejuvenate yourself.

•  Always make sure that your steer your life boat and not others.

•  Be patient, trust in a super power and work hard.

•  Take failures in life as stepping stones for success.

•  Do use this phase to bring about structure and orderliness in your life.

•  At times, you need to put in more energy, just plough through.

•  Do pursue your quest for wisdom and knowledge diligently.


•  Do not talk overboard when Saturn is retrograding, it would land you in trouble.

•  Do not start a new venture during this period.

•  Do not under-estimate the power of relationships around you, nor take people for granted.

•  Be cautious of your financial moves, do not be over-thrifty nor over-indulge.

•  Do not take any risks in life, be it with finances or health.