Saturn Retrograde

Saturn also called as Shani in Indian astrology terms holds much significance in astrological studies. It is a planet related to our karma and when it goes retrograde, it would be a time of Karmic re-alignment or discipline.

When Saturn goes retrograde it affects the individuals differently based upon the where Saturn is placed in their natal chart and which house it rules over. Generally when Saturn retrogrades it brings about delays, hindrances, losses, debts and health issues that haunt us for the period.

In a year, Saturn retrogrades for about four and a half months period, much like Jupiter. It means that Saturn spends around 33% of a year’s period in retrograde motion. Generally we believe that when the planets retrograde they bring about a sort of weakness or loss of strength for the planet involved, but in the case of Saturn, its restricting and limiting forces are a bit improved when compared to when Saturn was going Direct. When Saturn goes retrograde, it is not a negative energy to behold, instead it teaches us some important life lessons. If we put in real effort Saturn will reward us amicably by disciplining us towards a higher realm.


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Got Saturn Retrograde In Natal Chart

In a year, Saturn goes retrograde for about 4 months or so and hence a sizeable population of this earth would have Saturn retrograde in their natal chart, say about 33% of the people.

Retrograde Saturn in the natal chart indicates lack of authority or discipline that failed to bring confidence and security in our lives. The retrograde Saturn has the capacity to restrain oneself from performing in personal or professional life. It creates a sense of fear or apprehension, a matter of deficiency and some bothering that hinder us from performing better. Saturn Retrograde in the natal chart stifles one’s progress or forward movement.

With a retrograde in the natal chart some natives become so timid while some might turn out be more arrogant and bold. Saturn resists the native from yielding to any temptation and in turn seasons him or her.

Saturn retrograde helps us to solve our problems and complete any unfinished agenda. All our activities would be up for constant up-gradation or improvement. Saturn increases the sense of responsibility of the individual as we take both the good and bad life lessons, the hard way. Retrograde Saturn in the natal chart gives us a chance to correct our mistakes, improve ourselves spiritually, stay away from selfish acts or inttentions. In a way it moulds the native with all the best traits incorporated.

How Saturn retrograde affects the 12 zodiac signs


Saturn happens to be the 10th Lord for Aries people. Hence when Saturn retrogrades it would be a great period to review your career pursuits. Do look at the broader vision and check where you are heading. Review if what you are pursuing is on the right track and if it holds future prospects. This retrograde period of Saturn would be a good time to look out for a career change if that has been on your mind of late.


When Saturn goes retrograde it would challenge the much disciplined and stubborn Taurus natives. It gives you a window to review if the principles you stand by is hindering your forward process. Your adherence to time discipline would be a great trait during this retrograde period. However you might have some troubles with finances and handling of negative thoughts during the period.


When Saturn retrogrades, Gemini people are advised to review their financial standing. Anything that is based on action would be rewarded amicably by Saturn and hence keep working. Devise a workable budget and stick to it, clear off loans and debts, pay your taxes. Improving your financial standing by all means would be a good go ahead.


Cancer natives are asked to shed their hard shell and find ways to improve or nurture their relationships that are on hard rocks during a Saturn retrograde period. Romance and warmth in relationships are the keywords for the period. You ought to change yourself if you are hitting any feelings towards a person. Also a good time to prune your friendships and decide who stays and who goes in your life.


Saturn is the 6th Lord for Leo natives and hence health and general well being are emphasized when Saturn retrogrades. Sticking to a physical regimen and good diet practices are advised to stay in good health for this period. When Saturn retrogrades it asks the Leo folks to look after their physical health and well being.


When Saturn retrogrades, the emphasis for Virgos would be on their relationships and children as Saturn is their 5th Lord. This would be the right time if natives are looking to expand their family. However it would not be an easy ride, some medical intervention would be asked for. Also Virgos find the going tough in their love relationships when Saturn goes retrograde.


Saturn is the 4th Lord for Libra people and when Saturn retrogrades the focus would be on domestic welfare. An ideal time to take up any renovation works that had been postponed for quite sometime. You can also organise or simplify your personal or professional life during this retrograde season. And need to strike a balance between work and play too. Maternal relationships come to the fore.


When Saturn goes retrograde, it affects the communications part of Scorpio people. If you are into your own venture then this is the time to speak up to as many clients as possible to rope them in . If you are looking for a job, then send your CV to as many potential employers as possible, as you are sure to get noticed. Getting your point across the table would be the key to survival when Saturn retrogrades.


When Saturn, your 2nd Lord of finances goes retrograde, you might see a noticeable slide in your financial standing. Keep a budget and spend wisely. Do use your money only for your needs and not on your desires during the retrograde period, as it might burn your fingers. Also natives are advised to give value to their time and efforts as well.


When Saturn, your ruling Lord goes retrograde, you Caps sure are going to feel the heat. But then Saturn gives you the strength to pursue after the efforts you put in recently. A good time to review your professional sanding and your personal life. Acknowledge your performance and keep growing. Find ways to prove yourself rather than waste your time in leisure and pleasure.


Saturn is your 12th Lord and when it goes retrograde it sure would affect your life, Aquarius. Particularly take ample rest as you are more likely to lose the same due to worries and anxieties. Do let go off your fears. Rely on your experience and innate strength and do not lose heart. Make up your mind to believe that you can handle whatever that comes your way, stay strong and positive during the retrograde days.


When Saturn your 11th Lord turns to go on its annual retrograde motion, you are advised to live in your present and not to dream much. You can change things but that calls for a practical approach. Certain choices you made in life might need to be altered during this retrograde season. When Saturn goes retrograde, Pisces natives would get more inclined towards the tech-side of life. You need not immerse yourself in this world, at least learn the basics to survive the current tide.

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