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Year 2024 is going to be a year of great trials and tribulations for Tiger people. They need to stay safe and protect their interests at all costs. Accidents, losses, debts and law suits stare at you. Be cautious of your moves and do not take impulsive decisions that might prove detrimental to you for the long run. Domestic welfare and happiness might elude the Tiger folks as the Year of the Dragon unfolds. Children and elders in the family need constant care and support for all of this year. This is a period when the Tigers are advised to lay low and avoid risky ventures. Better communication and seeking help when needed would protect you from major issues. To sum up, this year advises the Tigers to be calm, composed and look out for challenges coming their way with a sharp and cautious mind.

Career Horoscope 2024 for Tiger

The career prospects of Tiger people does not look that good for 2024. Through the year you might meet with many problems and impediments that stall your forward movement. There might be compatibility issues with peers and authorities in work place. Strive for harmonious relationship in work place and stay away form office politics. Be calm, keep working and overcome trials through grit and determination. Be confident in your capability and the obstructions slowly lift off as the year of the Dragon progresses. Do not recklessly drive into dead ends. For the Tigers into business, this is a year that brings about stiff competition. A pragmatic and practical approach would bail you out during tough times. Natives are likely to face many disputes in work and business, only a prudent approach would help. Do not get into any sort of disagreements in work place and try to bring about goodness in your career atmosphere.

Money Horoscope 2024 for Tiger

Tiger folks are promised with good money resources for the year ahead, however there would be sever volatility with their finances for the year. Hence it is important that the Tigers devise a good budget plan and stick to it through thick and thin. Losses and debts loom around, beware of your investment plans and financial ventures. Be vigilant and maintain a good balance between the inflow and outflow of your money. Banking on your resources periodically would help you to navigate through major financial crisis. During this year of the Dragon, Tiger people might encounter unwanted expenditure owing to medical expenditure for self and family that would erode a major part of their savings. Find ways to multiply your money, but in a legal way, thus preserving ethics. Overall, Tigers would face some instability in their finances, hence they need to be cautious.

Love and Marriage Horoscope 2024 for Tiger

Those born under Tiger animal sign of Chinese zodiac would have a subtle performance in their love and marriage sector for the year 2024. The  married ones should make sure that they allocate considerable time for family apart from profession. Else there might be discontent in the marriage resulting in adverse conditions.  Even if there are misunderstandings, make sure that you bring about betterment with effective communication with spouse or partner. Be tolerant, loyal and dedicated to your partner which would assures conjugal happiness. The single Tigers would have a lull period as far as their love pursuits are concerned. Be patient and anticipate better relationships coming into your life as the year of Dragon progresses. Tigers however continue to allure and charm the opposite sex for the year. Natives are advised to be cautious of false promises by an Ex who might mar your current marriage or love prospects. Pay heed to your feelings and settle down in a compatible relationship for all this year.

Health Horoscope 2024 for Tiger

Tigers would command good health and cheer and their health would be stable in 2024. However accidents are probable in work place or travel, hence exercise caution. Stay clear of strenuous physical works as limb ailments and fractures are likely for some Tigers out there. Though those injuries might be minor, the long term effects would torment you. Do pay attention to your mental health as well for the year ahead. Health of family members, especially children and elders at home need constant health attention. Proper diagnosis and prevention would go a  along way in giving you mental peace. Let not your professional stress and strain burden you, take occasional breaks for rest and rejuvenation. Periodic trips with family and friends would help you to rewind after the rigors of life.

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