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Findyourfate   .   15 Jul 2021   .   3 mins read

Through our birth chart, it is possible to know information about our past incarnations, as well as know about the mission of our current incarnation. For this, we just need to see the placement of some planets in the houses and signs that make up our astrological mandala.

The planets Jupiter and Saturn govern our current incarnation based on the karmas we built in previous experiences. But after all, what is karma? This word corresponds to the Law of Physics of Action and Reaction (Newton's Third Law), which says that for all our attitudes and actions we do to each other, there will be a reaction, a counterforce of the same amplitude, same force, but in the opposite direction, which will hit us back.

In the birth chart, we need to analyze which of the 12 astrological houses and which of the 12 signs of the zodiac is the planet Saturn, as its location will inform which area of ​​our life we ​​are paying for our attitudes in past incarnations. For example, if a person has the planet Saturn inside the 12th house, positioned at 3 degrees in the sign of Aries, it is possible to find out what karma he is experiencing in this earthly embodiment.

The 12th house is a house that speaks of our mental unconscious, that is, it is where our shadows, traumas, fears, fantasies, delusions, mysteries are. It also talks about everything that takes us out of the material world, like the dreams we have while we sleep, meditations, the use of delusional substances. The sign of Aries corresponds to individuality. It is like a warrior who wants to fight alone. But despite being so individualistic and independent, he seeks all the time for the admiration of others and can be a little childish because he depends on the approval of others.

Putting all this information together, we can interpret that this person has an unconscious tendency to act in an Aryan, impulsive, independent and alone. This predisposition is rooted in her mental unconscious, as it is something she brought from past incarnations. She has probably misused that independence in other lifetimes and may even have harmed others around her.

Therefore, in this incarnation, she needs to deal with this better and use this leadership force in a less selfish way and thinking about the people around her. Maybe it would be good to use this tendency to be the leader of minority groups that need help. In this way, this person would be diverting attention from himself and dedicating to helping others.


While the planet Saturn shows us how we are going to pay in this incarnation for the evil we did in the previous one, the planet Jupiter reveals to us how we are rewarded for the good we have done. For this reason, Jupiter is often referred to as a “lucky planet” as it reveals the area of ​​our life that is predisposed to grow, prosper and expand.

This planet brings good karmic reward energy. For example, if you were in need in the past incarnation, in this one you will be rewarded for that atonement. Another example, if you helped others in the past, now you will receive double what you offered.

For example, an individual who has Jupiter positioned in the astrological sixth house in the sign of Gemini will be rewarded in this life through aspects of that house and sign.

House 6 talks about everyday life: routine, work, hygiene and health care and the sign of twins talks about intellectual activity, curiosity, freedom and lightness. So, that person will benefit in this life with a lighter life routine, which does not suffocate or martyr him. As this house is also related to health and, in turn, to physical activity, this person may be lucky in competitions, including those that also require the intellectual activity of a Gemini. Probably, this person in past lives was deprived of physical and mental activities, perhaps because of some severe health condition. Or this person includes taking care of disabled people in their daily routine.


Therefore, when doing our birth chart analysis in astrology, it is necessary to consider two planets to understand our current incarnation. These two planets are: Jupiter and Saturn. While Saturn is more related to karmic punishments, that is, what we did wrong in past lives; Jupiter, in turn, is related to karmic rewards, that is, what good we did in previous incarnations.


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