Birth Chart - Natal Chart

The study of oneself astrologically with a map of planets where in based on the date, time and place of your birth, with the earth at the center is popularly known as the Natal chart. This chart is also referred as the birth chart. Thus this graphical representation of the heavenly bodies and the planets is calculated based on the rising sign, or ascendant, on the eastern horizon. All the features

that characterize an individual are influenced by the natal or the birth chart. Two persons may be born at the same time on the same day but in a different place and thereby with a difference in their planetary placements.

Natal Chart

Thus the natal chart for the two persons might vary. This chart prepared based upon horoscope, enables us to understand about ourselves like our desires, motivations, and why we are the way that we are. Since it gives a detailed mathematical descriptions and representations of the planets at the time of birth, the chart helps in revealing an individuals natural character, with its inherent strengths and weaknesses. Apart from this it also helps in arriving at the compatibility with the best match, one future relating with the career and job and also the obstacles one can look ahead at. The houses in astrology have significtory roles and its placement in the chart of a person at different parts of time represents the different aspects of a person's life.

There are various steps involved in the preparation of the this chart in astrology. The first step required for a chart is to draw a map of the sky for the moment a person is born; this map includes all the planets, plus a few other points of interest such as the horizon and the middle of the sky directly over the birthplace. The most important requirement for this would be to know the exact time of birth because it is very essential to know the positions especially the zodiac signs which help in inferring the Rising Sign or the Ascendant. Similarly another important requirement would be the position of the midheaven derived from the exact position of the point over the birthplace. In certain cases when the exact time of birth s not known, then there are various other ways to arrive at it. One needs to approach an astrologer to find it out where various other details are required which have brought significant changes in a person's life. They may be any major moves, death or new business ventures or jobs required. The study of the planets with their energy pattern is described in the houses of the individual's chart. The interpretation with the help of a ones chart is more of an art and can be done only by an astrologer who has studied the field. It is also read with the positions of the planets in different zodiac signs. Progressed chart is closely related to the birth chart for it unfolds the story of your personal life as an internal phenomenon. Though both natal chart and horoscopes revolve round the same basic theory of astrology it differs in accuracy like the former gives the real story of your original personality and the latter hold some hints of truth of the individual.

This chart helps in self evaluation and understanding of an individual which gives them a new forefront to perceive themselves and their future. It helps in finding out person's insight talents which the individual himself has not realized or used to full potential. Thus the forecast of the chart is mainly done with the transit of planets which shows the continuous movement of the planets around the sun which is then looked at in relation to this chart. When a chart is forecasted it helps in understanding the hardships and opportunities coming up and thereby helps in preparing the accommodate according to it. As discussed earlier the accuracy of a such chart depends upon the exact positions of the stars at the exact moment of your birth for that is very much required determine your ascendant sign and certain planetary aspects. Transits of the planets also talks about other factors like influencing forces, circumstances and experiences. Though these transits may be the same for many people but however the transit patterns are highly individualistic, based on your time of birth.

This chart helps in navigating a person's life map gives the exact patterns of energy flow which are called as aspects. The planets continues to change their position which influences on a persons physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels triggering events, decisions, and transformations. Whatever changes happens ultimately the birth chart retains the essence just like as we cross different phases in life like infant, toddler, youth, teen, and adult but still remain the essence of what we are remains the same. Once the placements of the planets are done in the houses and at their right celestial longitudes interpretation of a person's natal chart can be done. The interpretation in turn involves two main steps - chart weighting and chart shaping. In Chart weighting zodiac signs and houses along with its distribution is mainly studied for it signifies the general personality of the person.odiac signs are marked by elements like Fire, Earth, Air, and Water and by quality like Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Chart shaping involves assessing the placement of the planets by aspect and position in the chart.

Birth Chart

Here you need to enter your birth details, like place, date and time of birth. The report would have your horoscope chart drawn along with the exact planetary placements and their house positions. There would be a basic interpretation of the various planets and their positions in the chart.

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These horoscopes are written based on your date of birth, not just your Sun sign / zodiac sign.

What birth chart Reveals

birth chart also determines the various specific energies which will act in our lives. There are various essential data's which are derived from the birth chart Transits for the month

Vedic Birth Chart & Navamshat

The regular birth chart is not very accurate it happens to remain same for more than 2 hours of Birth Time. Hence Navamsha ascendant plays and important factor.

Compatibility horoscope report

Enter the birth particulars of yourself and that of your partner/ potential lover. The report would have the birth charts of both the individuals and a comparative analysis of the planetary positions and how it would affect your relationship. This report would give a detailed analysis of the synastry between both the charts and a common interpretation as well.

This would give you the planets and their positions for the whole month.

Also their aspects with each other and transits are given with exact date and timing for three different time zones.