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Personalised Horoscope chart reading is your birth certificate in astrological terms!! Learn more about Natal Chart report. There are many astrologers and service providers casting horoscope chart. It is important that your horoscope chart is done by an expert.The birth chart also called as the natal chart or the astrology chart is a pictorial representation of the position of the luminaries Sun, Moon and the other planets.

It is done for a particular time of birth and place of birth and hence the birth charts vary from individual to individual but for twins.

In Indian astrology, it is termed as the Janma Kundali and gives the exact position of the stars when you were born. Astrologers can then interpret the planetary positions for the native. Also the time of birth determines your Ascendant or Lagna which is the first house. This forms the basis for the other house positions.

The natal chart forms the foundation on which a native is studied or analyzed as it contains all the planetary placements and their angular displacements with respect to each other. The zodiac house where the Moon is placed is termed as the "Rasi" in Indian astrology and holds greater significance than the Sun sign which holds prominence in Western astrological calculations.

The various planets take on various qualities and characteristics based on where they are placed in the birth chart for a particular person. A birth chart is also called as one's Horoscope. The horoscope plays a significant role in many traditions and countries. It is widely used in synastry calculations where relationships are studied.

In a birth chart, the first house also called the Ascendant rules the personality or nature of the native. The 5th and the 9th houses are called as Trine and are auspicious. The 4th, 10th and 7th houses are called as the Quadrants and are related to one's fortune in general. The 3rd and 11th houses denote the growth of the native. The 6th and the 12th houses are found to be quite malefic for the individual.

The sun-sign is the most important entity in the birth chart. The Ascendant or the rising sign holds the next important position and then comes the Moon-sign. The planets in a birth chart show what is happening, the signs where they are placed show how it is happening and the houses show where it's happening.

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Natal chart: In many cases wrong horoscope chart will lead to complicated decisions, especially in finding your matching partner.

Ours is a human prepared horoscope charting service.

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Note: The best accuracy in the interpretation of the natal chart/ birth chart is achieved with the correct entry of Date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. All the fields marked by * are compulsory data that are needed for preparing your natal chart and report. For gender, females check the radio button as the male button has been set as default. Use the calendar image on the right side of the date of birth field to choose your date of birth. For time of birth use the 24 hour clock format presented. If you are not very particular about your exact time of birth, then you are advised to select Noon as it would give you an average timing for the planetary positions for the day. Please note that an exact time of birth only can give you the accurate Ascendant. Enter your place, city and country of birth accurately. We would be calculating the time zone, latitude and longitude for your place of birth. Any deviations might change the natal chart positions and readings.

Please enter a valid-email id of yours as our astrologers might contact you in case they need additional information from you. Also you need to receive your natal chart report in the e-mail provided by you. Finally go through the form once again and check for any errors. After you have submitted your form, a Confirmation email would be sent to you. In case you find any discrepancies in your personal details, do not hesitate to mail us at [email protected] We are at your service...

Birth Chart

Here you need to enter your birth details, like place, date and time of birth. The report would have your natal chart drawn along with the exact planetary placements and their house positions. There would be a basic interpretation of the various planets and their positions in the natal chart.

Your Stars today - Horoscope

Get your personalized horoscope for the day.

See how the planets' positions today affect your personal natal chart.

These horoscopes are written based on your date of birth, not just your Sun sign / zodiac sign.

What birth chart Reveals

birth chart also determines the various specific energies which will act in our lives. There are various essential data's which are derived from the birth chart Transits for the month

Vedic Birth Chart & Navamshat

The regular birth chart is not very accurate it happens to remain same for more than 2 hours of Birth Time. Hence Navamsha ascendant plays and important factor.

Compatibility horoscope report

Enter the birth particulars of yourself and that of your partner/ potential lover. The report would have the birth charts of both the individuals and a comparative analysis of the planetary positions and how it would affect your relationship. This report would give a detailed analysis of the synastry between both the charts and a common interpretation as well.

This would give you the planets and their positions for the whole month.

Also their aspects with each other and transits are given with exact date and timing for three different time zones.