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Ox people would have had some tough times during the previous year of the Rabbit. Now as the year of the Wood Dragon sets in they are in for good fortune and luck. But then as Ox does not get along well with the Dragon, their fortune would be waxing and waning through the year. There might be some career woes, however commitment and hard work would see you through this year with better success. Ox people would have more responsibilities on their shoulders for this period. They are asked not to venture towards any speculative deals as conditions are not feasible towards the same. Be cautious with your finances this year of the Dragon. Ox females would have a better time through the year when compared to their male counter-parts. Peace and harmony would prevail in your love and marriage if you stay committed to  your relationships. Natives might encounter certain legal issues or law suits that would be a bone of contention, but would come out successful in the end. And Ox natives are advised not to interfere into the private affairs of others for the year. This would impede your development in life and mar better prospects.

Career Horoscope 2024 for Ox

There would be great opportunities for the Ox people to excel in their career field during year 2024. It would be a stable and secure growth and through the year they would be achieving their goals and ambitions in career. In particular, female Ox natives would greatly achieve and excel this year. However, they are asked not to rest on their laurels, and instead keep working diligently. There would be stiff competition in the work place for Ox folks. Any amount of over-confidence would impede your forward momentum now. Always strive for better compatibility with peers and higher ups in the work place. Beware of false friends and enemies who might pull you down the corporate ladder. Be ware of the situation around and avoid any sort of deception. The year of the Dragon asks you to enhance your career skills and learn new subjects which would aid diversification of your career scope. In general, this would be a year of better career prospects, just keep your eyes and ears open for potential snares.

Money Horoscope 2024 for Ox

The financial prospects of Ox natives would be fairly better this year. But then at times there might be certain financial turbulences that might throw you into a pitfall. Natives are asked to be cautious of their financial transactions and avoid impulsive speculative deals as the year of Dragon progresses. Any sort of c-operative deals or team work might have financial troubles, beware, you might lose your wealth and capital. Those into business ventures are advised to read the fine print before signing any financial contracts. All this year, Ox people need to be careful in spending and investing. Though your finances would be stable during the year, it is vital you pay attention to the numbers and avoid losses and hitches.

Love and Marriage Horoscope 2024 for Ox

Year 2024 would be an auspicious year for love and marriage of Ox personalities. Single Oxen would be locating their ideal partner through the course of the year of the Dragon. Ox people who are already married need to work in tandem with their spouse for domestic welfare and happiness. Single Ox people would be finding their ideal mate for life through the year. The first and the last quarter of 2024 favors getting married. Do not be lax in your relationship because if you are complacent then things might go out of hand. For some of you, partner might stray occasionally. Any sort of disagreement or misunderstanding should be attended to immediately else the conflict might result in untold sufferings for Ox folks. Be open in your relationship, forgive and forget and do not let emotions rule over you. Only a committed approach towards your partner would bless with conjugal felicity and bliss. You ought to continually strive to achieve romance, joy and happiness in your love and marriage all this year.

Health Horoscope 2024 for Ox

During the year 2024, Ox natives might suffer some health issues, particularly those who are more than 40 years of age might have health problems. They are likely to suffer from chronic issues, limb ailments, cardiological problems and digestive disorders. A good balanced diet and involving in ample physical activity helps. Be cautious in travel as accidents loom around. Have periodic medical check-ups and interventions as prevention is better than cure for the year. All this year, Ox people would be bothered by periodic minor ailments. Pay equal attention to your mental health as well as a cheerful mindset goes a long way in healing your physical ailments. Engage yourself in social and charity works and spend ample time with family and friends that would up your health quotient quite considerably.

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